Graduate Council Minutes #987

Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 987

November 12, 2009

Present: Buckholz, Bybee, Clayton, Coon, Coulter, Czarnetzki, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joseph, Pohl, Schuchart, Stalp, Waldron, Wurtz, Waldron

Absent: Harton, Thompson, Moon

Guest: Diane Wallace

The meeting was called to order by Waldron at 3:30 p.m. Waldron announced Joseph had been inducted into the Hall of Excellence. The Graduate Council congratulated Joseph on her achievement.

Motion by Clayton, seconded by Etscheidt to approve minutes of October 22, 2009 meeting. Motion approved.

Joseph reported on the Graduate Assistantship Redesign meetings. The new design will include paperwork and PAF’s being done electronically. The goal is to get students paid on time. Joseph thanked everyone who attended the meetings.

Joseph also presented report for Schwieger. McNair Scholars Program is for undergraduate students hoping to pursue doctoral degree. There is an online directory available for recruitment. Future presentations include Harton discussing how to avoid plagiarism and Schwieger on preparing a resume. The first Brown Bag for graduate students will be presented by Hoofnagle in January. Schwieger is also working on an online orientation for graduate students and will be asking for input. There will be a reception for graduate students after commencement on December 19 in the Alumni Suite at the McLeod Center. The reception is co-hosted with the Alumni Association.

Coon stated there have been several curriculum issues to address and thanked the Graduate College Curriculum Committee for all their hard work this semester. The review process for student awards is nearly completed. The first place thesis has been submitted to Midwest Graduate Schools

Clayton announced that plans are underway to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Graduate College. It will be held on April 13, 2010. If anyone has suggestions please contact Clayton. The President and Provost will be in attendance.

New business – Coulter volunteered to serve on the Regents’ Award Committee.

Coon presented the curriculum packet for the College of Business Administration. Motion by Wurtz to approve, seconded by Fecik. Motion approved.

Curriculum packet for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts was presented. Art is making changes to courses; adding and dropping g’s; renaming majors; dropping Art Studio and their masters degree in Art with teaching certification but have retained the Art education major which is geared toward teachers. Communication Studies is requesting course changes, restatement of MA, and listing possible electives. This should make it easier for students and decrease the amount of student requests. The English Language and Literature Department is requesting the addition of two courses which would be electives offered on a rotating basis. Modern Languages has requested to drop their MA in Two Languages. The Music Department will be proposing two new 100g courses; essentially students will be in different courses numbers meeting at the same time and place but will help meet the different needs of students. The Theatre Department has request course changes. Motion by Buckholz to approve the changes, seconded by Fecik. Motion approved.

Curriculum changes for the College of Natural Sciences - Industrial Technology is removing the g from several courses. They expect students will take these courses as an undergraduate during their sophomore year. They will admit undergraduate students with expertise in specific areas to graduate programs. The Math Department is adding new 200 level courses for their PSM and Industrial Mathematics students. Wurtz asked about the five new courses added; Coon replied five courses had been dropped. Czarnetzki made a motion to approve the changes and the motion was seconded by Coulter. Motion approved.

The College of Education is requesting to add new courses but does not have UNI money behind these courses. There is work remaining to be completed on this curriculum packet and the Graduate Council will vote on these changes at the next meeting. The Department of Health, Physical Education & Leisure Services has restated three MA degrees. One was unacceptable and returned for cleanup work. The Special Education Department has restated their visual impairment major. The major has a new staff member.

Wallace reported there will be information in the spring to share regarding the course catalog.

Coon stated the UNI registrar’s office is following catalog; some departments do not follow catalog. The issue is the 297/397 practicum. The practicum is listed as 2-3 hours but a resolution is needed regarding the number of hours. If left unspecified, departments can specify how many hours per semester are allowed to be taken. The problem is departments approve students to take multiple times. Clayton felt adding language that practicum can be repeated may best solve the problem. Practicum hours do not apply without departmental approval. Wallace suggested it can be repeated but list number of maximum hours that can be taken. Coon does not have enough information to recommend limitations. Fecik asked if Faculty Senate would need to approve. Wurtz felt it needed to be approved by Faculty Senate also. Wallace added that a motion would allow her to add to curriculum packets. Fecik noted some items need to be effective immediately and curriculum changes will not take place until next catalog. Wallace added departments can always limit their own programs. Fecik asked about limiting practicum to two times. Wallace noted it allowed openness for students registering but also allowed departments to control. Czarnetzki felt it would be okay to leave the 2-3 hours as stated, but only allow for one repeat. Clayton felt adding that it could be repeated one time would be less of a policy change. Stalp thought catalog did not allow for current practice. Joseph felt the restriction could be removed and leave decision to departments. Fecik pointed out 133/233 hours limit number of hours per degree to 6 hours. Coon did not feel limit on practicum should be set today. Pohl noted her department used 197 for practicum and 297 for graduate practicum. Waldron asked for a motion. Motion by Fecik, seconded by Stalp that 297/397 can be repeated. Motion approved

Recency – Victoria Robinson was present at last meeting and was comfortable with tiered system and policy that was created. Coon had met with Educational Leadership department and they are aware of the seven year time limit. Wurtz suggested oversight from Graduate Council on criteria for approving student requests. Concern was voiced that Graduate Council is aware of decisions being made. Joseph felt it would be redundant is Graduate Council sets criteria and also requests reports. Coon was unsure of proposal and felt her decisions were not being supported if Graduate Council discussed decisions being made on student requests. Coon stated she has received positive feedback on parameters being defined in the new tiered system. Fecik felt there was no need to go over decisions made by Associate Dean on student requests. Coon felt even with tiered system there would be judgment calls. Stalp felt there will always students that try to work system. Stalp stated if criteria are helping, that is good. She feels that some decisions will be draining for position of Associate Dean. Clayton asked if this policy will be posted. Wallace stated it will be included in catalog. It can also be included on Graduate College website and sent to graduate coordinators, etc. Motion to approve new recency policy and degree completion by Buckholz, seconded by Clayton. Motion approved. The draft dated October 13, 2009 will be implemented. Deviations from the policy are at the discretion of the Associate Dean. Clayton asked if appeal process is available and should be noted.

EdD transfer policy – Waldron looked at requirements for Iowa State University, University of Iowa and Drake. Transfer of hours is at the discretion of the department. Waldron couldn’t find imposed limits at these universities. Waldron had not discussed or sent e-mail to the Educational Leadership Department. Coon stated she had discussed this issue with department representatives. Clayton felt this was a simple way to take care of the problem. Motion by Coulter, seconded by Czarnetzki to update transfer policy to require 45 hours at the 200/300 level rather than the current policy requiring 50 hours. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler