Graduate Council Minutes #980

Graduate Council Minutes No. 980

February 26, 2009

Present: Buckholz, Clayton, Coulter, Fecik, Hansen, Harton, Jackson, Joseph, Leutzinger, Licari, Nelson,

Stalp, Thompson, Waldron

Absent: Etscheidt, Moon, Wurtz

Guests: Kopper, Schwieger


Waldron called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.


1. Motion by Nelson to approve the minutes of the February 12, 2008 meeting. Thompson asked that

his status on previous task force on page 2 be changed. Motion was seconded by Stalp and passed.


2. Dr. Beverly Kopper was a guest of the Graduate Council and discussed reaccreditation. The site visit

will be summer 2010. Kopper updated the Graduate Council with the latest information on Foundations

of Excellence. A handout was distributed which lists chairs and co-chairs. Kopper also noted there is a

link on the UNI homepage for the reaccreditation site. Waldron thanked Kopper for coming.


3. Graduate College Reports

Joseph asked for input from Graduate Council regarding committee members signing graduate student’s

thesis form. There is currently a situation in which committee members do not agree a thesis has been

completed satisfactorily and Joseph questioned if three signatures were enough. Nelson stated it has

been their practice to have everyone on the committee sign off. If there is disagreement, then changes

would need to be made to the thesis. Harton suggested the department should decide if only part of

the committee members can sign and still have thesis approved for graduation. Nelson asked if this

concern could warrant recusal of committee member. Waldon felt recusing committee member was a

better solution than to have one member refusing to sign off on student’s thesis. Fecik stated Industrial

Technology required five committee members for doctoral dissertation. Four must approve; one may


Schwieger reminded everyone the deadline to register for symposium is February 27, 2009. To date,

twenty-five graduate students have registered. There is a workshop scheduled for March 5, 2009 to

discuss federal employment possibilities.


4. Waldron opened the floor for discussion on changes to the Graduate Faculty Constitution. Dean

Koch appointed a task force to develop a proposal on how to define graduate faculty and if graduate

faculty should receive awards. The task force brought their recommendations to the April 2007

meeting. Nelson made a motion to rescind the motion passed in 2007 due the motion never being taken

to a meeting of the Graduate Faculty for a vote. Stalp seconded motion to rescind; motion passed.

Nelson moved to change current terminology of temporary graduate faculty to associate member of

graduate faculty. Thompson seconded. Thompson asked about the process of faculty becoming

graduate faculty. Fecik stated graduate faculty in the department forward faculty member’s name to

department head and is then forwarded to Graduate College. Nelson asked if same procedure would be

used for associate membership. Waldron commented that peer institutions do not use the term

temporary. Fecik reminded the Graduate Council that the document/changes must be in step with

Graduate Faculty Constitution. The changes will need to be voted on at the Spring Graduate Faculty

meeting. Discussion on number of members required to be at meeting to hold a vote. A quorum can be

called by anyone at the meeting. Motion passed to present changes at meeting.

Nelson suggested a vote should be held at the next meeting to amend the way changes to the

Constitution can be made. Graduate faculty needs to be notified at least one week before meeting of

proposed agenda. Coulter stated Article V could be amended to add electronic voting.


5. Fecik reminded the Council that the Graduate Dean is to prepare an annual report regarding

associate/temporary graduate faculty. The accuracy of report depends on departments reporting to

Graduate College adjuncts they use to teach graduate courses. Stalp asked about sending message that

reaccreditation process will look at adjuncts teaching.


6. Waldron stated peer institutions have policies that allow for appealing associate/temporary graduate

faculty status. Licari felt a policy that shows quality review is good to have in place. Waldron will send



7. Motion by Nelson, seconded by Fecik to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler