Graduate Council Minutes #979

Graduate Council Minutes No. 979

February 12, 2009

Present: Clayton, Coulter, Etscheidt, Fecik, Hanson, Harton, Jackson, Joseph, Leutzinger, Licari, Nelson,

Stalp, Thompson, Waldron

Guests: Schwieger


Meeting called to order at 3:32 p.m.


One correction to minutes of the last meeting: Graduate Student Research Symposium date was written as

April 1, 2008; should be April 1, 2009. Fecik moved to accept the amended minutes; Etscheidt seconded;

amended minutes approved.


Change of today’s agenda – Bev Kopper was supposed to talk with Graduate Council about the

reaccreditation process, but needed approximately 30 minutes, so she will present at our next meeting.


Graduate Student appointed to Graduate Council:

Kim Hanson – EdS School Psych


Harton announced CSBS Student Research Symposium on April 18, 2009.

Keynote speaker: Carol Gilligan – will talk about raising healthy boys and girls. $10 registration fee

includes lunch. 


Graduate College Announcements:

• Dean – no announcement, busy taking minutes

• Associate Dean Licari

o University research integrity policy – under development by OSP, required by federal law

covers fac and students engaged in federally funded research.

o Mike will be participating in ½ day brand development workshop with UMPR; will do his

best to be sure graduate education is part of UNI brand.

• Susie Schwieger

o Grad Student Life –many events this semester

o April 1 – symposium. Keynote – Gregory Semenga

Deadline Feb 27 for students to submit materials.

o March 29 – April 3 – Grad Student Appreciation week. Events during week. Legislative

luncheon hosted by GSAB.


Chair of the Graduate Faculty announcements:

Chair Clayton

GC Brown Bag

o Feb 18 – MSH 1 – Adrienne Stanley – applications of math in the discipline of anthropology

o March 25 – Tony Gabriele.

Travel policy – freeze on out of state travel. Maureen asked Joel Haack – restrictions for grad

students less; Joseph clarified Provost’s travel freeze is less restrictive for the remainder of this

year (at the discretion of each college dean), but much more restrictive next year.


Chair of the Graduate Council announcements:

Chair Waldron

o Further information on SOA committee chaired by Donna Vinton: purpose of the committee is for

faculty input on assessment process. Advisory committee can reach out to departments. Wanted

grad council representation on committee who can act as liaison to Grad Council. No term limits,

no policy for membership yet, although Donna wants to address this. Gayle Pohl currently on


o Thompson talked about what he thought committee should address with SOA – after graduation

from UNI important information to include on SOA.

o Nelson mentioned unevenness in SOA’s across campus.

o Fecik – contacted Alumni Association for help getting names of program graduates, but AA staff

was not helpful

o Clayton – AA is more helpful now.

o Schwieger described current graduating grad student survey; lack of information.

o Nelson mentioned SOA’s used for program reviews, and grad council/grad faculty input on SOA

is essential. Many faculty are still resistant to SOA, and Donna is wisely not pushing too hard.

Grad representative with input from Grad Council can provide input for this beginning level.

o Harton mentioned their program is getting data through department, don’t need external help, use

facebook, etc.

o Etscheidt – may need separate SOA’s for grad students.

o Leutzinger indicated Donna is looking for consistency across campus, SOA inconsistencies across

campus. Grad rep can help provide input on how grad SOA’s need to be different.

o Thompson agreed we should look at how grad education is being assessed.

o Waldron indicated Donna needs someone from Graduate Council for that committee. Donna

thought Gayle Pohl could stay on committee through end of this academic year, then when terms

of the position are set, Graduate Council can appoint a new member.

o Graduate Council members’ consensus was for Chair Waldron to ask Donna to come to an

upcoming council meeting to report on SOA’s.


Continued discussion: Temporary grad faculty status to those holding terminal/masters’ degrees. Chair

Waldron read the existing policy.

o Nelson indicated the current policy doesn’t require temporary graduate faculty to have a graduate

degree. Could we add statement requiring master’s degree?

o Harton asked if we want to eliminate the possibility of anyone without grad degree

o Fecik provided recommendations from task force two years ago.

o Nelson stated she talked with Samuel Gladden, who was concerned with an inconsistency in the

policy – grad faculty of a department vote for regular grad faculty status, but don’t vote on temp

grad faculty status.

o Fecik read the revised policy from task force.

o Discussion of next steps

o Thompson will send an electronic document of the revised, proposed policy.

o Nelson stated the Graduate council will need to revise the proposed document to include issues

surrounding temporary graduate faculty status.

o Graduate Council will review and discuss policy at next meeting.


MMR policy

Joseph reported a non-traditional age graduate student took issue with the current MMR policy, which

states all UNI students must be vaccinated for MMR or will not be allowed to register. The original UNI

MMR policy stated students born before 1957 were exempt from the requirement, but this policy was

changed a few years ago. This exemption is the policy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

as well as the policy at The University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Some studies show that older

individuals who receive the vaccine suffer from arthritis-like symptoms. It was not clear why UNI

changed the MMR policy and eliminated this exemption. Nelson moved, Thompson seconded the Grad

Council recommend to Terry Hogan to reinstate the exemption for those students born before 1957. The

vote was unanimous in favor of the recommendation.


Meeting adjourned at 4:27 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Joseph