Graduate Council Minutes #978

Graduate Council Minutes No. 978

December 11, 2008

Present: Clayton, Coulter, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joseph, Licari, Thompson, Waldron, Wurtz

Guests: Marchesani, Schwieger, Zhang


Waldron called the meeting to order. She thanked everyone for attending. Waldron welcomed Kristi

Marchesani, Assistant Director of Admissions International Relations. John Fecik introduced Julie Zhang

who will be his substitute when he is unable to attend.


1. Approval of Minutes from November 11, 2008. Etscheidt made a motion to approve the

minutes from the November 11, 2008 meeting of the Graduate Council. Motion was seconded

by Coulter. Minutes were approved.


2. Graduate College Reports. Joseph update Graduate Council about sessions attended at recent

conference in Washington, D.C. Joseph talked about different ways to promote graduate

education. She will forward this information to Graduate Council as well as graduate

coordinators and ask for information about UNI students who have done something for the

public good. These stories will be used for publicizing graduate education at UNI.

Joseph discussed current policies for temporary graduate faculty. Departments are required to

complete forms when asking for temporary graduate faculty status for adjunct instructors.

These instructors have a master’s degree. A department has submitted form requesting that an

instructor with a BA teach a graduate level course and include that his background qualifies him

to teach this course. Fecik will try to get more information and call Joseph.

Schwieger reported a celebration has been planned for graduate students and their families in

the Alumni Suite in the McLeod Center following the December 11, 2008 graduation ceremony.

Work is continuing on the online orientation for graduate students. Workshops scheduled for

graduate students will be held in the ITTC so they can be webcast. The Graduate College

Symposium is scheduled for April 1, 2009.

Thompson asked about upcoming assessment of graduate programs. Joseph stated

departments will complete information on assessment of their graduate programs. Joseph

restated faculty that do not have graduate programs are best suited to assess graduate

programs because they are not tied to one program. Waldron stated multiple groups will

review multiple programs. Fecik voiced concern about those not familiar with Industrial

Technology Department would be reviewing their program’s outcomes and assessments. Joseph

will speak with Provost Lubker about who will make the final decision on who will be reviewing

each program.


3. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report. Clayton had nothing to report at this time.


4. Unfinished Business. Licari and Marchesani discussed international language testing. Currently

UNI is using TOEFL but it is being suggested that UNI also accept IELTS as language testing for

international students. The Graduate Council will need to set the minimum score for graduate

students applying for admission. Each department would set their minimum for admission to

their programs. Wurtz made a motion that UNI accept the IELTS and for the Graduate Council to

set the minimum score required for admission. Coulter seconded the motion. Marchesani

explained a score of 6.5 is equivalent to a score of 570 on the TOEFL exam and 6.0 is equal to

540. A student with a score of 6.5 is closer to 600. Undergraduates are required to have a score

of 6.0 to be admitted to UNI. The IELTS has the same security and evaluation features of the

TOEFL. The score is a composite of four areas. Information is kept in student records for three

years after they leave UNI and the Office of Admissions would be able to look at individual areas

to compare weaknesses and strengths. Marchesani explained that only about 5% of

international students will use the IELTS exam and most are from China and India. Fecik

requested to amend the motion to include stipulation that Graduate Council will track the four

bands and determine if the minimum was working. Wurtz amended the original motion to

include this stipulation and that the minimum score accepted by the Graduate College will be

6.5. Motion carried. An email will be sent to all graduate coordinators explaining the scoring so

each college can set their minimum acceptable score.


5. New Business. Thompson asked about Pohl being on Donna Vinton’s committee. Joseph felt

Vinton should decide terms. Joseph stated more information was needed before someone from

Graduate Council volunteers for committee.


5a. Student Outcome Assessment (SOA) Committee. Waldron will bring more information to the

next meeting.


6. Adjournment. Motion by Coulter, seconded by Etscheidt to adjourn the meeting. Motion

passed. Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

The next meeting of the Graduate Council will be Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 3:30 p.m. in

Lang 115.


Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler