Graduate Council Minutes #977

Graduate Council Minutes No. 977

November 11, 2008

Present: Buckholz, Clayton, Coulter, DeLucenay, Etscheidt, Jackson, Joseph,

Leutzinger, Licari, Nelson, Waldron, Wurtz

Absent: Fecik, Moon, Stalp, Thompson

Guests: Schwieger


1. Approval of Minutes from October 23, 2008.

Motion was made by Nelson to approve the minutes. Discussion regarding change in

Item 4. Clayton seconded the motion. Motion passed with changes.


2. Graduate College Reports

Joseph reported that a new initiative for the Special Education Department is being

discussed. Since a majority of education students graduate with 150 credits and only 120

credits are required for a BA; the committee is exploring the possibility of a five-year

BA/MA degree. Special education faculty have been receptive to the idea. Joseph also

reported she has sent the plagiarism email to faculty.

Licari distributed information about the International English Language Testing System

(IELTS) to the Graduate Council. This is an English exam that is sometimes used rather

than the TOEFL. Several countries use this exam if they are considering schools in the

United Kingdom and the United States. Undergraduate students can use either exam for

admission to UNI. A conversion scale is available.

Schwieger said all graduate students have been invited to meet and talk with President

Allen and Pat on November 17 in the Schindler Education Center. A graduation

celebration has been scheduled for graduate students after the 11:00 a.m. ceremony on

December 20.


3. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report

Clayton reminded everyone that the first two candidates for provost have their

presentation videos available on the UNI website. It has been difficult to compare when

candidates are not revealed to the campus at large.


4. Old Business

Clayton distributed the new Faculty Award and stated she had incorporated suggestions

from the last meeting. Discussion was led by Leutzinger. Nelson moved to accept with

changes as noted. Wurtz seconded the motion; motion passed.

Leutinzinder, Clayton and Licari indicated they were interested in serving on the

fundraising committee. The letter submitted to the Development Office has been

returned to Joseph with some changes. The letter will be sent only to graduate alumni

and is intended to be a first step in building a relationship with UNI graduate alumni.

The money raised could be used to support student travel to conferences to present their

research. Clayton asked about the levels of giving that should be listed on the tear-off

sheet that will be returned to the Graduate College. Etscheidt suggested possible naming

opportunities for larger donations. Clayton suggested recognizing everyone who donates.

Wurtz suggested a “wall of fame” to list names of people who donate and what they are

currently doing. Waldron asked about the next step in the process. The committee may

incorporate changes and bring to Graduate Council for suggestions. The letter could then

be sent to graduate alumni.


5. New Business

At the last Academic Affairs Council meeting Phyllis Baker reported on what has been

done with the Provost charge for program assessment. Phyllis discussed the timeline.

The Graduate College is being considered separately from other colleges. All four

documents will be posted for four weeks; faculty should give feedback and comment on

documents. There will be an open forum held on December 1 to discuss the documents

and how to improve the process. Changes will be made by December 5 and forwarded to

departments. Departments will have until mid-February to make changes. These reports

will be forwarded to the second task force. The second task force will be responsible to

make recommendations by the end of March. The final report is due to the Provost by

the end of April.

Current documents do not include specific graduate education. Joseph felt graduate and

undergraduate should be combined. There will be one task force for each college.

Graduate faculty from programs without graduate programs should be the task force for

Graduate College. They do not have a vested interest in a particular program but teach

graduate courses and work with graduate students. The Graduate College will use the

same categories as the model which has been tailored for UNI.

Schweiger will be the representative for the Graduate College on the Diversity Advisory

Committee. The Graduate College does not have impact on hiring faculty and very little

impact on students other than retention. The Graduate College needs to look at how they

can impact and the committee can help to formulate ideas.

The timeline for recommending Graduate Assistant allocations was discussed.

The agenda for each Graduate Council meeting will be sent to all graduate faculty via the

list serve. Minutes will continue to be posted on the Graduate College website.

Reaccreditation was tabled until the December meeting.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 11 at 3:30 p.m in Lang 115.

Motion was made by Coulter to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Nelson. Motion



Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler