Graduate Council Minutes #974

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 974


September 11, 2008


Present: Coulter, Etscheidt, Joseph, Licari, Leutzinger, Nelson, Pohl, Stalp, Waldron


Absent: Buckholz, Wurtz, Moon


Guests: Susie Schweiger, Pam MacKay


Pohl welcomed everyone back to a new year. Dr. Michael Licari was introduced as

Interim Associate Dean for the Graduate College. Also introduced was Cynthia Coulter

as Graduate Council representative for Rod Library.


1. Approval of Minutes from March 27, 2008.

Stalp made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 27, 2008 meeting. Nelson

seconded the motion. Coulter stated that students are not required to submit their thesis

electronically. Coulter volunteered to serve on task force but not to chair the task force.

Minutes were approved with changes noted.


2. Graduate College Reports.

Joseph welcomed Licari to the Graduate Council. She stated Mike approves student

requests and is currently working on getting committees started. Maureen Clayton is the

new Graduate Faculty Chair. Joseph told Council members Clayton has some great ideas

for the Brown Bag Lecture Series and encouraged increased attendance at Brown Bag.

Otto MacLin will be doing the first Brown Bag on September 17.

Joseph reported fall enrollment has increased by 299; 262 are graduate students. There

are 120 new graduate students in the new cohort for the Math & Science initiative.

Joseph has a meeting scheduled on Monday to discuss the BAE/MAE in Education.

Education majors are graduating with an average of 150 credit hours.

The final Carver Institute report is nearing completion. The Carver Institute has not

extended the grant; other avenues of funding are being explored.

Licari reported that three colleges have not yet held elections for positions on the

Graduate Council and various committees. He is currently waiting for members of the

PDA committee to be elected; PDA deadline is September 26.

Joseph stated Helen Harton was first recipient of the Faculty Award for Outstanding

Contributions to Graduate Education. Joseph would like to see this award more on par

with the McKay and Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Awards; offer a $1,000

prize. Discussion followed. Nelson questioned if more than one won the award since up

to five were allowed to win. Coulter suggested capping the number of awards at three.

The only requirements for the award are two letters of nomination. The award is

intended for staff that have gone above and beyond in helping graduate students succeed.

Pohl suggested $500 be given for empirical research and $500 for creative projects. It

was stated additional guidelines could be given to those who nominate staff for the

award. Clayton, Licari, and Pohl will meet and bring suggestions to the next Graduate

Council meeting.

Licari is working on a handbook for graduate coordinators. He felt this would be

worthwhile with the turnover of graduate coordinators. He will be asking for input from

the Graduate College staff, Graduate Council and graduate coordinators.

Schweiger reported there were 108 new graduate students at the New Graduate Student

Orientation on August 28. The first meeting of the Graduate Student Advisory Board is

scheduled for September 25. Fliers for the writing workshops for graduate students have

been distributed. Schweiger has also distributed a list of recruiting fairs she will be



3. New Business.


a. Student Representation to the Graduate Council.

Students must receive recommendation to serve on the Graduate Council.

Nelson suggested students be picked from Graduate Student Advisory Board. Not all

graduate programs are represented on the Advisory Board. Colleges can nominate

students. Nelson felt students should pick their representatives.


b. Strategic Planning Priorities.

Joseph reported diversity, distance education, development and interdisciplinary

programs and goals were the Strategic Planning priorities identified last spring. Pohl

asked about the ranking; felt emphasis should be placed on distance education due to



c. Parental Leave Policy.

The Parental Leave Policy was distributed. Nelson moved, Coulter seconded to approve

the policy. Licari stated students need to know an extension of recency needs to be

submitted; it is not automatic. Policy has been reviewed by UNI’s attorney, Human

Relations, the Cabinet, and Provost. Motion passed.


d. Representative for UCC.

A replacement needs to be found for Dr. Fahmy on the Curriculum Board. This person

needs to be attentive to details. Joseph asked for suggestions. Pohl suggested Melissa

Beale. Nelson suggested sending email to Graduate Council members not present to ask

for suggestions.


4. Other.

Pam MacKay stated that current paper applications are organized by majors offered by

individual colleges. With approval from the Graduate Council, the Registrar’s office will

list majors in alphabetical order.

MacKay also reported students are not appropriately using the automated graduation

application. Students are filing for graduation not necessarily in the semester they will

graduate. Masters’ degree students get a prompt for graduation application at 15 credit

hours and doctoral students get prompt after 45 hours. Nelson suggested changing

default. MacKay says they have an option to escape the application process before being

charged the $40 graduation fee. Stalp suggested only putting current semester on site.

Graduate coordinators should talk with students about graduation application.

Graduation applications will be restricted to current semester and registrar’s office will

send information to graduate coordinators.

Masters’ research papers are retained at the departmental level. The library will scan

them, convert them to pdf and put on digital page so they are available for distance

education students to use. Students have the option to publish them. IRB reviews

applications differently if research will be public.


5. Adjourn.

Motion by Nelson, seconded by Coulter to adjourn meeting. Motion passed. Meeting

was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

The next meeting of the Graduate Council will be September 25 at 3:30 p.m. in Lang



Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler