Graduate Council Minutes #964

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September 13, 2007

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 964

Thursday, September 13, 2007; 3:30 p.m., Lang Hall 115

Present: Christ, DeFrancisco, Etscheidt, Harton, Joseph, Jurgenson, Marshall, Nelson, Pohl, Stalp, Waldron

Absent: Lynch, Wurtz

Guests: Pam Mackay, Susie Schwieger


1. Welcome and Introductions

Joseph asked all members to introduce themselves.


2. Vote for Chair and Vice-Chair Positions

Joseph asked for nominations from the floor for both the chair and vice-chair positions. Pohl was already on the ballot for chair. Jurgenson self-nominated for vice-chair. After ballots were counted, the results were unanimous in favor of Pohl as chair and Jurgenson as vice-chair.

In her position as Chair, Pohl welcomed DeFrancisco to the Council as the new Interim Associate Dean in the Graduate College and congratulated Joseph on being appointed Interim Dean of the Graduate College.


3. Approval of the minutes from April 13, 2007

Nelson moved the minutes be approved as distributed. Motion was seconded and passed.


4. Graduate College Reports

Joseph asked for a representative from the Council to serve on the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence committee. Jurgenson agreed to serve on the committee.

Joseph would like two areas discussed this year: allocation of graduate assistantships and defining quality graduate programs. The following members volunteered to serve on one of the committees: Harton, Etscheidt, DeFrancisco, Pohl and Stalp. A suggestion was made to include graduate faculty who are not on the Council. Joseph will solicit volunteers by emailing all graduate faculty. Also, one graduate student may serve on each committee.

DeFrancisco discussed the various committees that are administered through the Graduate College. She asked for volunteers to serve on the outstanding dissertation, thesis and research paper award committees. Members asked if there is another way to obtain volunteers to serve on the student award committees. Since a total of 10-12 people are needed for the committees, faculty outside the Council should be solicited. Marshall and Harton agreed to serve on a committee.

5. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report

No report.


6. New Business

a. Continuous Registration for graduate students (revisited)

Joseph indicated that graduate students are charged $50 each semester after they have completed their coursework, but before they graduate, if they are working on a thesis or dissertation. This registration gives the student access to various university services such as the library, email, etc. The Registrar’s Office has noted that if a student has an I or RC on their transcript, they are not charged the $50 continuous registration fee. After discussion, the Council agreed that students should be charged the $50 fee even if a course grade is incomplete. Harton moved that the policy be changed so that students are charged the $50 continuous registration fee after registration of all program courses, not after completion of all program courses. Motion was seconded and passed.

b. Temporary Graduate Faculty Status

Joseph stated that there is no policy to monitor the granting of Temporary Graduate Faculty Status. Departments are required to complete a Temporary Graduate Faculty Status form, and forward to the Dean of the Graduate College for approval, if an instructor teaching a graduate level course does not hold graduate faculty status. However, no one knows if this occurs in each instance. After discussion, the Council suggested that data be collected from the departments. Joseph will ask the Provost’s Office to have the adjunct teaching loads broken down between undergraduate and graduate level courses. After the Council has data, further discussion will take place.

c. Harton brought another new business item to the table. One of her constituents asked what constitutes a thesis or research paper. Joseph indicated there are no standardized criteria across disciplines to answer this question. Pohl asked if there is interest in forming a task force to research this issue. Joseph will ask for volunteers from the graduate faculty but Harton, Waldron and Etscheidt agreed to serve on the task force.


7. Old Business

a. Graduate Faculty Status task force report

The Graduate Faculty Status task force report was approved at the April 12, 2007 Council meeting. Joseph indicated the report must be approved by the graduate faculty before it is forwarded to the Faculty Senate.

b. Graduate Faculty Recognition task force report

The Graduate Faculty Recognition task force report was received by the Council at the April 12, 2007 meeting so that the task force could be dissolved. The report does not give recommendations so there is nothing to act on at this time. The report will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


8. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.