Graduate Council Minutes #960

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January 11, 2007

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 960

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Present: Etscheidt, Harton, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Koch, Lynch, Mack, Marshall, Nelson, Pohl, Thompson

Absent: Bowlin, Moon

Alternates: Jennifer Waldron for Hensley, Syed Kirmani for Prophet

 Guest: Mary Ann Hesse


1. Announcements from the Chair of the Council

Thompson reported on the following member changes for spring semester: Jennifer Waldron will be the alternate for Hensley since he is on leave and Syed Kirmani will be the alternate for Michael Prophet because he has a time conflict. William Bowlin has moved out of state; therefore, the College of Business Administration will provide an alternate.

Thompson also reported that two subcommittees are continuing their work. One committee is researching ways in which graduate faculty may be recognized and rewarded. The second subcommittee is working on defining faculty status.


2. Approval of the minutes from November 9, 2006

Nelson moved that the minutes be approved as distributed. The motion was seconded and passed.


3. Graduate College Reports

Koch reported the following:

The Graduate Student Advisory Board is meeting on a monthly basis. At the invitation of President Allen, the Board is scheduled to have lunch with him at his home later this month. The Board has formed a task force to discuss academic quality and may wish to meet with the Council later this semester. A new position, the Executive Director of Graduate Student Affairs, was created on the President’s Executive Cabinet of the Northern Iowa Student Government and one of the graduate assistants in the Graduate College will initially fill the position.

There will be 23 fellows in the 2007 Carver Graduate Education project. Mark Grey and Michele Yehieli will be the instructors for the project entitled, “Immigrant and Refugee Populations: Promoting Wellbeing and Integration in the New Iowa” scheduled for May 14-23.

Susie Schwieger, Associate Director of Career Services, and Katie Erickson, graduate assistant, have developed a survey that will be distributed to all graduate students in late February. This project supports Goal 4, strategy 4.4.3, of the Graduate Education Strategic Plan.

The AGEP grant may be expanded to include a department in addition to Math. The intent is to double the size of the grant later this spring.

There was a graduation celebration for December graduates at Cottonwood Canyon in Cedar Falls. There will be another celebration for May graduates the Friday before commencement.

A copy of the December 2006 Communicator, a newsletter from the Council of Graduate Schools, was distributed. A national survey indicates that the number of online graduate programs is increasing and one of our strategic goals is to research potential growth in this area.

Also in the Communicator, the “Bologna Process” was highlighted. A three-year bachelor’s degree is one of the outcomes of this process and it has become increasingly common in Europe. Koch and Joslyn will discuss with Dennis Hendrickson how UNI will accept the three-year degree for potential master’s degree students.

Joslyn reported on the transition from WebCT to MyUniverse. Programmers are designing the online student request form with a deadline of May 1. ITS is willing to support the outdated version of WebCT only for the Graduate College until that date.

The following three Brown Bag Seminars are planned for spring semester: Rebecca Burkhardt and Cynthia Goatley-February 7, Laura Jackson-March 28 and Roy Behrens-April 4.


4. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report

Lynch reported that the UNI Distinguished Scholar Award has been given to Carl Thurman, Professor in Biology. The award will be presented to Dr. Thurman at the Annual Graduate Faculty meeting in April.

An ad hoc committee of faculty leadership, of which Lynch, Thompson and Joslyn are participating members, is discussing Professional Development Assignments. Lynch distributed a list of the number of faculty who applied for a PDA and the number of PDAs awarded from 1992-93 to the present. There was extensive discussion regarding PDA policies and the evaluation process. The committee asked Joslyn to determine whether application guidelines are the same at all three Regents institutions and whether any changes would have to be approved by the Board of Regents. Thompson felt the policy has changed regarding whether a faculty member has to pay back the salary from a PDA if they do not return to UNI. Koch indicated this policy has not changed and will bring information to an upcoming meeting.

5. Old Business

Graduate Program Enrollment
Nelson passed around a revised copy of a “Summary of UNI Graduate Degrees Awarded in Each of the Last Five Years”.


6. New Business

Updating of the Graduate College Website
Thompson would like to have biographical information from each council member on the website. He asked for suggestions on how the website could be improved regarding communicating information about graduation education.

Waivers for Non-terminally Degreed Instructors Teaching Graduate Courses
Thompson asked about the process of approving temporary graduate status for faculty members. He asked whether the waivers should be brought before the council. Koch indicated she does occasionally approve requests for temporary graduate status and will discuss any questions she has with the appropriate department head. Thompson is concerned not only with the credentials of the faculty but also with the frequency of requests. Koch agreed that a report could be provided annually regarding temporary graduate status requests and approvals.

Composition and Representation of Outside Graduate Faculty on Dissertation Committees
Thompson inquired about the policy regarding how outside faculty members are determined/approved for doctoral dissertation committees. Koch explained the recommendation and approval process.


7. Adjournment
Thompson moved to adjourn at 5:00 p.m. The motion was seconded and passed.