Graduate Council Minutes #952

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February 9, 2006

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 952

Thursday, February 9, 2006, 3:40 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Hensley, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Koch, Mack, MacLin, Neuhaus (alternate for Moore), Nelson, Pohl, Prophet, Rajendran

Absent: Petersen, Thompson, Wallingford

Guests: John Fecik, Ira Simet


1. Minutes from January 26, 2006

Hensley moved to accept the minutes as distributed. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Announcements from the Chair of the Council

MacLin congratulated Joslyn for being re-elected chair of the Faculty Senate.


3. Graduate College Reports

Koch announced that two finalists will interview for the Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs position. Koch and Joslyn will meet with both candidates to discuss collaboration between the Graduate College and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Interim Provost Lubker presented the curriculum package to the Board of Regents and all graduate proposals were approved including the new Masters in Criminology and the Professional Science Masters programs. The Board should give final approval at the March meeting.

The Annual Graduate Faculty meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2006. President Koob will be invited to attend as a special guest.

Joslyn indicated that graduate coordinators and graduate faculty are invited to attend a recruitment forum on February 28.

The next Brown Bag Lecture will be presented by Dr. Kevin Finn on February 15. His presentation is entitled, “Preventing Childhood Obesity: It starts sooner than you might think”.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend one of the two Campus Conversation sessions to be held February 17.


4. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report



5. Information: Presidential Search Update - Ira Simet

The deadline for applications set by Korn/Ferry International, the firm hired to administer the search, is February 28. Feedback has been received from all constituencies including the Cedar Valley community. So far, six completed applications and approximately 40 nominations have been received. The target number of candidates for initial interviews is 8-12, but the final number invited to campus will be three-five. Public forums will be held so that the campus community may meet the candidates. The Board of Regents would like to name a president by early May.


6. Discussion/Action: Graduate Education Strategic Plan

MacLin distributed the most current draft of the Graduate Education Strategic Plan. The document has been emailed to several groups on campus including the cabinet, deans and participants of the planning meetings.

After discussion, Nelson moved to approve the Graduate Education Strategic Plan as amended. The motion was seconded and passed. Changes to the plan include:

-Vision: Graduate Education at the University of Northern Iowa will be the a premier choice for students…

-Whenever the phrase “state, regional, national and international needs” appears, change the word “and” to “and/or”.

-Remove the word “appropriate” from Objective 3.2, “Create appropriate criteria for graduate faculty membership.”

-Spell out the word “and” instead of using the ampersand in Strategy 5.3.5.


7. Other Business



8. Adjournment

Jurgenson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed.