Graduate Council Minutes #946

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September 8, 2005

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 946

Thursday, September 8, 2005, 3:30 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Hensley, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Mack, MacLin, Moore, Nelson, Pohl, Prophet, Rajendran, Walker, Wallingford

Absent: Koch, Petersen, Thompson

Guests: President Koob, Dr. Jill Trainer, Dr. John Fecik


1. Information – Dr. Jill Trainer
Dr. Jill Trainer, Interim Associate Vice President, was present to discuss the Office of Sponsored Programs. She distributed an organizational chart that includes the Grants and Contracts staff, Dr. David Walker and Christine Twait. Trainer plans to add two grant specialists, but there is funding for only one new position this year. Therefore, Twait will work one-quarter time to help train the new specialist after the position is filled. The grant specialists will assist faculty in writing grants, workshops will be developed, experts will be brought to campus and staff will be sent to off-campus workshops. Resources for faculty will be developed and loaded to the website. Affiliates to the Office include Bill Witt, Intellectual Property Officer, Mary Losch, Chair of the Institutional Review Board and Mike Mixsell, Director of the Educational Opportunity Programs.

There is an Office of Sponsored Programs Advisory Committee that was formerly the Grant Coordinators Committee. Joslyn is the Graduate College representative on the advisory committee. Etscheidt suggested there be non-university representation on this committee.

Trainer supplied information regarding the “Commercializing Creative Endeavors” conference to be held in the Center for Multicultural Education at UNI on October 7 from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Walker indicated there are several tasks that he used to administer that will now be supported by the Graduate College including Summer Fellowships and Professional Development Assignments. He also reported that the second search for a permanent Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs has begun.

Trainer was questioned about who owns the copyright to course materials created while employed at UNI. She indicated that in most cases, the faculty member who developed the course owns the copyright to the materials. Bozylinsky stated there is a UNI policy regarding courses developed for delivery through the Division of Continuing Education. Trainer indicated that registering a copyright is recommended to create a public record.

2. Information – President Koob
Koob stated that he asked to meet with the Council regarding the search for a new Provost. Dr. Lubker, Interim Provost, is not interested in the permanent position but will continue until the position is filled. Koob is gathering information from faculty focus groups so that he can charge the search committee appropriately. He asked the question, “What is your assessment of the current state of faculty governance and how does that relate to the desired state of faculty governance?” After discussion, Koob invited members to send their comments to Kim or directly to him.

Koob left the meeting and after further discussion, MacLin offered to compose a message from the Council stating the consensus of the group.


3. Minutes from August 25, 2005
Nelson moved to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion was seconded and passed.


4. Announcements from the Chair of the Council
MacLin stated that Mack had not been reelected by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences since the Graduate Council vacancy was inadvertently left off the ballot. She will contact the CSBS Faculty Senate to see if Mack can be appointed.


5. Graduate College Reports
Joslyn provided an update on the graduate forms that are being designed by the Registrar’s Office, which will be accessed from within MyUniverse. Some test screens may be available later this semester.

Joslyn needs two members from the Graduate Council to serve on the Distinguished Scholar Award Committee.


6. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report
Wallingford had nothing to report.


7. Other Business
Rajendran asked if the Council meetings could start at 3:40 p.m. instead of 3:30 p.m. The committee agreed but MacLin will put this on the agenda for the next meeting.


8. Adjournment
Nelson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed.

Meeting adjourned at
4:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Shirley Uehle