Graduate Council Minutes #938

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October 28, 2004

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joslyn, Jackson, Jurgenson, Kirmani, Mack, MacLin, McGlade, Moore, Nelson, Petersen, Pohl, Rajendran, Walker

Absent: Koch, Thompson


1. Minutes from October 14, 2004:
MacLin announced that Moore's alternate at the last meeting should have been J. Marshall. Nelson moved to accept the minutes as amended. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
McGlade reported that the taping of President Koob's speech to the Graduate Faculty went well. She has already received requests for viewing the tape. Arrangements will be made for faculty to view the tape but it is not available at this time. There will be 1-2 minute clips on the website shortly. Kirmani suggested putting it in the Library for checkout. The new Graduate College website is on the November 29 cabinet docket and will go live after that. McGlade announced that the Graduate College is the largest user of WebCT on campus.


3. Announcements:


4. Update on participation in graduation:
McGlade said that neither Iowa nor Iowa State allow graduate students to walk without having all requirements for graduation completed. We do allow students to walk early and there are no minimal requirements for doing so. At Iowa and Iowa State graduation checkout is done in the Graduate College and the list provided to the Registrar. Here departments compile a list that is sent to the Registrar's Office. MacLin said that deadlines would have to be very early to have everything completed before graduation (all grades in, thesis/dissertation submitted and approved, and all paperwork processed). Walking at graduation and actually graduating are two separate issues. Nelson suggested leaving graduation procedure as it is but setting guidelines as to when a student would be eligible to walk at graduation, with the approval of their department head—such as within a specific number of hours and registered for all courses on the program. Patton noted that they routinely receive many changes to students' programs after graduation, so he suggested having an appeal process to whatever procedures are adopted. Nelson noted that approval to walk is not policed at the graduation ceremony. McGlade said that part of the issue is who is submitting names to appear in the program. There needs to be policies and procedures at the department level for when a student is eligible to go through ceremonies. Etscheidt suggested based on the advisor recommendation, the department head be the final signoff on approval to walk. Rajendran suggested not using a specific number of credit hours but use the recommendation of those who know the student—advisor, coordinator, and department head. Patton said that UNI does not have to use the same procedures as Iowa and Iowa State. He also noted that the commencement bulletin says the students are candidates for graduation, not that they are graduating. He said that undergraduates must be reasonably in their last semester to be eligible to walk at graduation. Fecik said that Industrial Technology has an internal form initiated by the advisor that is signed by the advisor, coordinator and department head before the student's name is submitted to the Registrar. McGlade noted that the Graduate College is not in the graduation loop. Jackson suggested having a form completed two semesters before graduation pending completion of the work. So if a student wanted to go through ceremonies for a specific semester, it would list what that student would need to do. This puts the responsibility on the student to complete the requirements on time. Patton reminded the Council not to forget the external degrees. MacKay noted that the new online graduation form has a place to list both the graduation semester and the ceremony semester and the department must approve both. Rajendran noted that it appears that maybe there isn't a problem with the procedures but instead with the technical process in administering the procedures. Etscheidt said that ''in last semester'' concept should be the basis for departmental recommendation. MacLin, McGlade, MacKay, Patton and Rust will meet and bring a recommendation to the next meeting.


5. Update on grievance procedures:
McGlade reported that the earliest the revised grievance procedure would go before the cabinet would be mid to late November.


6. Discussion on Koob's vision for graduate education:
Kirmani said that he had received several calls and e-mails regarding President Koob's address to the Graduate Faculty and has received no negative comments. He said that the question and answer period was extremely useful, but it was not taped. MacLin said that she had met with President Koob the day before his talk and noted that he had worked some of their discussion into his speech. Nelson noted that Koob is concerned with keeping UNI viable and feels that with many students going to community colleges for their first two years, the direction UNI will grow is in graduate education. Walker noted that the large crowd showed that people care about graduate education. Fecik said that he thought the most significant thing was that this was the first time that Koob has spoken about graduate education to the Graduate Faculty and he felt that Koob was very candid in his remarks.


7. Discussion on leave of absence/waiver of recency policy:
Moore moved to table till the next meeting. Motion was seconded and passed.


8. Items for publication:
Mack was given congratulations for becoming tenured.


9. Other business:


10. Adjournment:
Mack moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:44 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Hesse