Graduate Council Minutes #932

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February 12, 2004

Present: Coulter, Gallagher, Hamilton (for Joslyn), Mack, MacLin, Pohl, Schafer, Rajendran, Villavicencio; ex officio: Bozylinski, McGlade, Somervill, Walker

Call to Order

Approval of the minutes


Deans' Report

Dean Somervill reported that the Graduate College must revert 5 graduate assistantships due to budget problems. Recalls of positions will be based on the number of allocations to departments.



The two HPELS courses tabled by the University Senate have now been approved. Chair MacLin expressed some concern that the Senate chose to by-pass the Graduate Council.



The Cabinet approved the $50.00 fee. The proposal will now go to the Board of Regents. Future discussions will focus on distribution of the fee.

A memo on comprehensive examinations was circulated for future discussion.


Information: Committee Appointment Procedures

Discussion was held on the questions that have arisen concerning committee appointment procedures used in selecting the GCCC. Discussions will continue. There were no action items.


Information: WebCT paper management system

Associate Dean McGlade provided a demonstration of the new WebCT system for managing and tracking paperwork for and about graduate programs. McGlade indicated that it would be a positive step if all departments could be moved on to this system by summer.


Items for Publication: None


Other Business

Members of the Council were reminded to maintain two-way communication to their respective Colleges.