Graduate Council Minutes #913

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February 28, 2002

Present: Coulter, Dolgener, Fogarty, Hanson, Jackson, Mosher, Rajendran, Saiia, Smaldino, Somervill, Utz, Walker, Wong

Absent: Bozylinsky, Wallingford

Visitors: Phil Patton, Pam MacKay, Patty Rust


There were no corrections reported for the 912 minutes. Minutes were approved.

Council members were reminded that the Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting would be on April 11, 2002 in Seerly 115. Wong asked Council members to encourage faculty members in the College to submit their success stories on how their Professional Development Assignments have helped with graduate education.

Hanson explained why the course "Directed Research" was proposed several years ago. (e.g. in 1998 the Graduate Council approved the creation of a research course, with a common number which could be used for research hours in excess of the maximum number hours currently allowed.

Somervill indicated that: a) the course could be used by both masters and doctoral students, b) there would be no limit on the number of hours that a student could take, c) Directed Research hours could be added to a student's program of study and d) these hours would be counted when determining a student's eligibility for financial assistance from the Graduate College. Somervill also stated that departments/programs tend to be very efficient in the use of their assistantship and grant funds. Thus, he mentioning no dire concern that Directed Research hours might be used primarily to keep students eligible for financial aid or to engage in activities other than their own research. He stated that the departments would have to monitor course enrollment to insure that students enrolled in Directed Research in a timely and appropriate manner.

Council members then engaged in a lengthy discussion of the course. The discussion focused on: the course description, at what point (in their degree programs) students could enroll in the program, what the content of "Directed Research should be (e.g. only research activities or other program related activities), the impact of the course on the Credit/No Credit policy, whether there should be a maximum placed on the number of hours of "Directed Research" that a student could enroll in. Smaldino indicated that the maximum should be twelve (12).

Council members agree that students could begin taking Directed Research upon completion of all of their required hours of XX:299 (nine (9) for thesis students). Mackay asked what the maximum number of hours of research would be for non-thesis students. Council members indicated that it would be three (3). There was an agreement that the Council not specifically design the course content. A Committee consisting of: Forrest Dolgener, Tom Fogarty, Curtiss Hanson, Vivian Jackson, Phil Patton and Richard Utz was given the charge of: a) revising the course description, b) deciding whether students should be able to take an unlimited number of hours of "Directed Research" and c) making recommendations to the relationship between Directed Research and the Credit/No Credit policy.

There were no announcements.

There was nothing for publication.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Nicole Willits