Graduate Council Minutes #910

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October 25, 2001

Present: Clayton, Coulter, Dolenger, Fogarty, Jackson, Moser, Rajendran, Saiia, Smaldino, Somervill, Walker, Wallingford, Wong

Absent: Bozylinsky, Hanson, Utz

Visitors: Doug Koschmeder (Associate Registrar), Pam McKay (Record Analyst), Patty Rusk (Associate Registrar)


There were no corrections reported for the 909 minutes. Minutes were approved.

Somervill mentioned the change of deadline for the graduate assistantship applications will not take effect until next year. Departments are free to make their own changes but the general deadline will be February 1, 2003, printed in the new catalog.

Walker introduced the new secretary, Nicole Willits and mentioned that all minutes are now accessible on the UNI website. Only council members will be receiving paper copies of the minutes. Saiia mentioned maintaining an email distribution list. Somervill stated that there should be sufficient opportunity to access the website, however he would look into it.

Vivian Jackson stated that this is an "on" year in curriculum and she will be regularly communicating with Mohammed Fahmy, Graduate Council Liaison to University Curriculum Committee.

The Council discussed the possibility of a minimum GPA for non-degree graduate students. Jackson introduced three Registrar representatives, Doug Koschmeder and Patty Rusk, the Associate Registrars for UNI, and Pam McKay, the Record Analyst for UNI. Koschmeder stated that at the non-degree graduate level there is no GPA requirement, students aren't even required to maintain a 2.0. If there is no minimum for these courses there is a possibility that the non-degree students do not have the same expectations as the degree graduate students in the course and that they could possibly be bringing down the class performance as a whole. There are an estimated 300 non-degree graduate students. The question arose on problematic tendencies and whether or not non-degree graduate students are taking seats of deserving undergraduates. Possible actions discussed were: setting a minimum GPA, restricting hours allowed for non-degree students, keeping individual student requirements departmentally based, and enforcement of undergraduate requirements on non-degree graduate students.

Smaldino moved, seconded by Rajendran, that any student on academic suspension should not be allowed to take graduate level classes as a non-degree student during the period of their suspension. The motion passed. Debate continued on addressing the problem of non-degree graduate students under the 2.0 minimum GPA. Council was asked to speak with their peers to collect opinion to help the Council move toward a motion or action on the matter.

There were no announcements.

There were no items for publication.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Nicole Willits


Next meeting will be Thursday, November 8, 2001