Graduate Council Minutes #905

March 22, 2001


Present: Ellen Neuhaus (for Coulter), Jackson, Rajendran, Somervill, Vajpeyi, Walker, Wallingford, Wartick, Wong
Absent: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Clayton, Dolgener, Hanson, Smaldino, Utz,
Visitors: Ed Brown - Environmental Programs
There was a correction to Minutes #904. Graduate programs seeking agreements involving graduate students should go through the Office of International Programs. Exchange programs involving our graduate students taking courses at an institution in another country or students from institutions in other countries taking courses at UNI does NOT require NCA approval or site visits by the NCA as implied by the minutes.
What DOES require advance approval by the NCA is "Delivering for the first time at an international site a degree program for either non-U.S. nationals or U.S. nationals who are not currently enrolled in the institution (I.C.2a.2.)" The preceding statement is a quote from the NCA-CIHE Handbook of Accreditation, 2nd ed. 09/97. In other words, any graduate program that we offer in another country must involve advance approval by the NCA and a site visit by NCA officials at our expense. A member of the UNI Central Administration must also visit the site.
The Graduate Dean reported on the anticipated budget reduction. In preparation, several hypothetical situations were considered. There will be no cuts made to the assistantship budget. After consideration, it was decided if cuts have to be made that the Faculty Research and Travel fund will be cut back. Walker has been advised not to approve any faculty travel for the July 1, 2001 fiscal year until the full impact on the University budget is known. Research and travel funds for this year will not be affected.
Walker also reported that the Professional Development Leave will remain intact, however the name has been changed to Professional Development Assignment.
Wallingford announced the annual Graduate Faculty meeting will take the place of the next regularly scheduled Graduate Council meeting. It will be held on April 12th at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 115. This year's meeting will focus on a video tape presentation highlighting success stories from the various graduate programs. The recipients of the Outstanding Master's Thesis, Outstanding Creative Master's Thesis, Outstanding Research Paper, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Distinguished Scholar, and the Graduate Faculty Teaching awards will also be presented at the meeting.
Wartick moved to approve the new Graduate College Strategic plan. Rajendran seconded, motion passed. The new plan will be posted on the Graduate College Web site.
A committee consisting of Hanson, Rajendran, Dolgener, Wong, and Utz brought a draft letter of a request for clarification of the role of research at UNI before the Council. It was decided the letter would be sent to the Provost. It was noted that both the procedure in which the change was made to UNI's mission statement and the meaning of the word change itself are being questioned. However, this letter will only address the meaning of the word change. The letter will invite the Provost to attend the April 26th Graduate Council meeting to discuss the difference between 'scholarship' and 'research' with UNI faculty and why this change in the mission statement was necessary. After minor revisions to the letter, Wartick moved to accept the letter as amended and send to the Provost as soon as possible. Rajendran seconded, motion passed.
Somervill started the discussion of a policy proposal on the approval of graduate-level certificate programs. The Graduate Council should be the appropriate body to approve certificate programs because these post-baccalaureate certificate programs are time sensitive. The Graduate Council would provide a quicker response than the University Senate because the courses would not have to go through the curricular process if the Senate has already approved them. Rajendran moved that all post-baccalaureate certificate programs be approved by the Graduate Council. Wong seconded, motion passed.
The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Taya Ingerslev