Graduate Council Minutes #904

March 8, 2001


Graduate Council Minutes #904
Thursday, March 8, 2001, 3:30 p.m., Lang 115
Present: Bankston, Ellen Neuhaus (for Coulter), Dolgener, Hanson, Jackson, Rajendran, Smaldino, Somervill, Walker, Wallingford, Wong
Absent: Bozylinsky, Clayton, Vajpeyi, Wartick
Visitors: Ed Brown - Environmental Programs
Action on minutes #903 were approved as published.
Somervill reported that the Graduate College is now up and running in the new office, Lang 122. The new mail code is 0135.
Bankston, Utz, Jackson, Walker, and Wallingford are members of the committee responsible for revising the Graduate College Strategic Plan. The committee presented a draft copy to the council for discussion. Minority recruitment and international experience were two issues discussed. The committee would like to see an increase in the percentage of minority students enrolled in graduate programs. The committee would also like to bring international experience up to parallel the amount of experience at the undergraduate level. A recommendation may be included to all graduate programs to assess the possibility of exchange programs with international universities. It should be kept in mind that before an exchange program takes place, the NCA must visit the foreign university for approval.
Discussion of a request to seek clarification of the role of research at UNI began with a short background of the issue. With the University's mission statement recently being changed, council members questioned the issue of research as part of the university's mission. Members felt with the mission statement being changed from "quality research in support of teaching" to "quality scholarship in support of teaching" that it could possibly have an effect on UNI's ability to recruit and maintain faculty in the future, because research is key to a University. Two suggestions were presented. The first was that a committee be formed to take up the issue and send a statement to President Koob through the Provost. The second was the committee send a statement to the University Senate expressing concerns and objecting to the process in which the mission statement was changed. After further discussion, Wallingford appointed a committee of Hanson, Rajendran, Dolgener, Wong, and Utz. This committee will draft statements to both President Koob and the University Senate and present them at the next council meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Taya Ingerslev