Graduate Council Minutes #901

January 25, 2001


Present: Bankston, Bozlinsky, Coulter, Hanson, Rajendran, Smaldino, Somervill, Utz, Vajpeyi, Walker, Wallingford, Wong
Absent: Clayton, Dolgener, Jackson, Vajpeyi, Wartick
Visitors: Pam MacKay - Registrar's Office, Reinhold Bubser - Associate Dean College of Humanities and Fine Arts, John Fecik - Industrial Technology
Action on minutes #900 were approved as published.
Walker announced he has been working with Cheryl Gaston in Public Relations in formatting a Graduate College Newsletter. The first issue is expected to be out March 1st. Walker is also trying to place the faculty research and creative activity survey on the World Wide Web in hopes of making the University of Northern Iowa more accessible to the public. All tenured and tenure track faculty were invited to participate. The survey is available at the Graduate College Web site ( Contact David Walker if you are interested in having your research posted.
Reinhold Bubser, Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, made a presentation to the Graduate Council in preparation for the NCA's visit to campus on February 18th-21st. He discussed particular areas of interest to the NCA about Graduate Studies at UNI and prepared the Council for a meeting with NCA representatives.
Bankston reported on preparations being made for the 2001 Graduate Faculty Meeting. This year the meeting will focus on accomplishments and success stories of students and faculty from the various graduate programs. Along with Joyce Chen, Bankston is preparing a short video to showcase these success stories. Accomplishments and success stories may be submitted to Ronnie Bankston. Graduate Student and Faculty awards will be presented at this meeting.
Action of policy transfer credit from Master's programs to Doctoral programs in the College of Education was postponed to the February 8th meeting so all Council members could be present.
The meeting adjourned at 4:20
Respectfully Submitted,
Taya Ingerslev