Graduate Council Minutes #898

October 12, 2000


Present: Coulter, Clayton, Dolenger, Hanson, Jackson, Rajendran, Somervill, Utz, Wallingford, Wartick, Wong
Absent: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Smaldino, Vajpeyi, Walker
Visitors: Mohammed Fahmy - Industrial Technology; John Fecik - Industrial Technology; Mike Waggoner - Educational Leadership, Counseling & Postsecondary Education; Pam MacKay - Registrar's Office; Linda Feuchtwanger - Registrar's Office
Action on minutes #897 were approved as published.
The Graduate Dean had nothing to report from the Graduate College.
Fahmy initiated the discussion of the absence of a policy regarding the use of transfer credit from a second or third Masters program toward Doctoral degree. He indicated that there is a student who has finished three MA degrees and has requested that credits transfer from the third degree to his DIT program. Fahmy requested that this situation be treated as similar to having eight credits transfer from a first Master's degree to a second if the credits are relevant to the degree. Council members were concerned if too many credits were allowed to transfer; the quality of the Doctoral degree might suffer. After extensive discussion, it was suggested that if any credits were allowed to transfer from a second or third MA to a Doctoral degree they would need to be from the elective courses. Core requirements must be completed. The catalog states that a maximum of twelve semester hours of graduate credit from other accredited institution may be applied toward meeting minimum credit hour requirements for the DIT degree. This statement is apparently refers to non-degree related courses and needs to be clarified.
Wong Moved: A subcommittee be formed to review the current policies regarding transfer credit in the Doctoral program. Coulter seconded, motion passed. The committee will meet and bring a recommendation before the council at the October 26 meeting. Wallingford appointed Mike Waggoner, Rick Traw, Mohammed Fahmy, Vivian Jackson, and Phil Patton to the committee.
Announcements consisted of an update regarding the progress of the subcommittee selected to discuss the need for graduate student remote access to the library's electronic databases. The committee consisting of Cynthia Coulter, Vivian Jackson, and Phil Patton decided it would be possible to establish a non-credit course for the graduate students who have completed course work to be enrolled in to allow them remote access to the library's databases while working on theses, dissertations, or research programs. There will be a nominal fee for the course. Students will have access to ITS, and WRC services. The specific fee to be charged and the title of the course are to be determined. In order for a student to enroll in the course there needs to be a written letter from the student's faculty advisor to the Registrar. The committee will present final recommendations at the October 26 meeting.
Another issue was brought up by Hanson regarding a motion passed previously by the Council which would allow graduate students to enroll in excess research hours (eg. XXX:299). A course should have been created which would make it possible for students to take more than nine hours of 299.
Hanson moved: To have the Graduate Curriculum Committee bring recommendations regarding the title and course number to a future meeting of the Council.
Somervill also announced the Graduate Coordinator's Reception to be held October 19, 2000 from 3:00-5:00 at the Georgian Lounge in Commons.
The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Taya Ingerslev