Graduate Council Minutes #892

January 27, 2000


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Dolgener, Durham, Jackson, Reineke, Smaldino, Somervill, Spencer, Utz, Walker, Wartick, Wallingford, Vajpeyi,
Absent: Bozylinsky, Hanson
Minutes #891 were approved as published..
Somervill announced that the Graduate College has not received any extra GA stipends this year. However, a special allocation was transferred to his office and distributed following consultation with appropriate department heads. These additional stipends were a one-time allocation only for the spring semester of 2000 He does not anticipate an increase in the number of GA's available next year. The only new funds in the Governor's budget sent to the Legislature to support the second year of the MSW program.
Walker encouraged the Graduate Facility chair to set a date for the annual meeting of the Graduate Faculty. One item on the agenda is the presentation of the awards for outstanding thesis, outstanding dissertation, and outstanding graduate teaching.
Reineke, Chair of Graduate Faculty, proposed the creation of a Graduate Student Outcome Committee Assessment. She explained that the Academic Program Review Committee and the North Central Accreditation Committee were having difficulties because some Graduate Programs have not implemented the Graduate SOA plans they developed several years ago. In particular, when North Central comes to campus they will be asking if the Graduate College has a graduate assessment committee in place and if the programs are collecting data. There was discussion of the idea, which was agreed by the Council to be good. There was concern and discussion on the consequences for programs if they do not submit SOA reports. Utz stated that he felt there was no need for the loss of assistantships if the program failed to submit SOA reports. It was suggested by Smaldino that there be a small committee to decide on the outcome of the students. Somervill stated that it was up to the Graduate Council to establish the, guidelines. It is the responsibility of the Graduate College to enforce them. Utz stated that it should be stated in the proposal that the Dean is to monitor and enforce the rules, and/or guidelines. Reineke stated that she would be pleased with at least a plan that she would be able to show to the North Central Accreditation Committee. Jackson asked whether the members of the proposed Graduate Outcome Assessment Committee could be selected by this semester, so that they could be in place by fall. Sommervill agreed that he hoped that there would be a Committee in place, but that programs could or should would begin collecting data immediately. Smaldino requested that both the undergraduate and graduate SOA reports be due at the same time. Smaldino moved to adopt the proposal including the revisions; Coulter seconded. Motion passed.
No new items were identified to publicize.
The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Rebel Saffold III
* See attached revised proposal*
Next meeting will be at 3:30p.m., February 24, 2000 In Seerley 3.