Graduate Council Minutes #888

September 23, 1999


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Hanson, Jackson, Reineke, S. Smaldino, Somervill, Vajpeyi, Walker, Wallingford
Visitor: Mike Janopoulos- to talk about the TOFEL
Absent: Bozylinsky, Durham, Utz
Bankston called the meeting to order and asked everyone to introduce themselves to the other members of the Council.
Bankston then asked for the members of the Council to start the nomination process for the election of officers for the 1999-2000 term. The first election was for the Chair of the Graduate Council. Somervill and Bankston provided a brief description of the duties. After discussion Reineke nominated Vajpeyi, seconded by Smaldino and elected. Coulter nominated Wallingford for Vice Chair, Smaldino seconded; he was elected.
Minutes #887 were approved as published.
Next on the agenda was the appointment or election of a representative to the University Curriculum Committee. Vajpeyi said that the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences would rather hold an election, rather than have someone appointed. Mohammed Fahmy (Industrial Tech) currently holds the position. Somervill asked if Fahmy could be reelected. Hanson asked for clarification and details of the position. Smaldino gave a positive statement concerning Fahmy staying in the position since he has done it for a number of years, and he knows how to mainstream graduate issues into the curriculum. Bankston then asked Vajpeyi to visit with Fahmy before the next meeting to see if he would accept the re-appointment. Jackson then asked if there are written guidelines for a representative to the University Curriculum Committee.
Bankston raised the issue of the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Hanson asked the make-up of the committee; Bankston replied that there had been some changes concerning the elections. Each college needs to elect one member to the Graduate Curriculum Committee. The University Committee on Committees has not conducted elections, but Jackson informed the Council that it was in the process of doing so. Reineke said that Carolyn Shields wanted to know if the past Graduate Curriculum Committee could meet until they were replace. Jackson said that three of the five members were no longer available, and you cannot be on the committee if you are a department head. Jackson said that elections need to be conducted as soon as possible. Somervill asked for possible candidates from each department and asked Jackson to send an email to all colleges to inform them that elections need to take place now. Jackson asked the Council to defer the topic until the next meeting.
Professor Janopoulos summarized the issue of TOFEL score requirements, an area of concern to the Council. A printed version of his remarks will be distributed to the Council.
Somervill presented information related to externally funded grants for pure research and for public/professional service. The amount of successfully funded grants has tripled over the past decade. Hanson wanted to know if the three-fold increase included the number of applications or reflected inflation in the dollars awarded. Somervill said that Ed Ebert will provide specific details to the Council at the next meeting. Provost Podolefsky suggested that this figure could be increased with additional support and encouragement. As a result, the Graduate Dean has been authorized to conduct an internal search for a new position, Federal Liaison for Basic and Applied Research. A position description and call for applications was distributed across campus at the beginning of the current semester. The application deadline is September 30; Walker chairs the search committee.
Somervill announced that his title has been changed to Dean of the Graduate College and Research. Walker's title has been changed as well, now Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship. Upon Somervill's request, Hanson moved and Wallingford seconded a motion to endorse these changes, passed.
Walker reminded the Council of upcoming deadlines for Distinguished Scholar, Outstanding Master's Thesis, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, and Outstanding Master's Paper/Project awards. Somervill then gave the Council handouts concerning new record enrollments for the 1999 Fall semester. He asked the Council to look them over for future discussion.
Bankston suggested that the topic of Non-Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy be postponed to the next meeting. Items to publicize include name changes for Somervill and Walker.
The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dunlap