Graduate Council Minutes #885

March 25, 1999


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Gable (for Dedrick), Doody, Jackson, Smaldino, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Bozylinsky, Bruess, Chao, Durham, Hanson, Raiklin, Sohl, Utz, Wallingford.
Doody moved that minutes #883 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Jackson and passed.
Jackson said that she wanted the topic of TOEFL scores to be added to the next Council meeting for a discussion topic.
Doody moved that minutes #884 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Smaldino and passed.
Somervill stated that there are zero stipends left for the fall semester of 1999. He plans to terminate almost all assistantships assigned by the Graduate College to any units which are outside a program of study. Last year the Graduate College ceased to provide GA's as matches for external grants. Central admission funds are now available to assist with grant support.
Jackson had no report concerning the Graduate College Curriculum Committee because they have not met, and no new chair has been selected.
Doody reported that the annual Graduate Faculty Meeting will be held on Monday, April 5, at 3:30p.m. at the Wellness Center 252.
At the February 25 Graduate Council meeting, a question about Rod Library support for distance education was raised and discussed very briefly. Coulter asked to provide a fuller response at this meeting, since the question showed that some faculty might be unaware of the services offered by the Library. Coulter said that the Library wants to provide as much access to the library information as possible to all UNI students, regardless of their location, and has developed a number of programs to achieve that goal. She distributed a copy of the home page "UNI Library Services for Distance Education Students," found at, as well as a copy of the packet sent to all registered ICN students. She briefly reviewed the services offered which include: mail delivery of books; photocopies of articles and chapters; use of the collections at the University of Iowa and Iowa State; reference service via phone or email; library instruction, including both classes and Library User's Guides; and access to the Library's catalog and online databases from the student's home computer. Rod Library's Distance Education Coordinator, Megan Adams, welcomes suggestions for improvements and additions to the services presently offered. Smaldino reported that her students have spoken very highly of Megan Adams' assistance and that in a recent presentation in The Netherlands about distance education, it may become apparent that Rod Library's services to distance education are a model of library services to remote users. Bankston asked what level of computers students had to have to access the online databases. Coulter replied that a computer capable of using the Internet and a web browser could access the library's home page. Instructions on how to configure student browsers so they can access the databases appear there. Coulter encouraged members of the Graduate Council to share the packet as well as the URL for the home page with their colleagues, as many may have mistakenly assumed their distance education students had little access to library information.
The new item to be publicized is the announcement made by Doody concerning the annual Graduate Faculty meeting on April 5, 1999 at 3:30.
The Meeting adjourned at 4:30p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dunlap
Next meeting will be April 8, 1999 at 3:30p.m. in Seerley 3.