Graduate Council Minutes #883

March 3, 1999


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Doody, Durham, Jackson, Somervill, Utz, Walker, Wallingford, visitors from Gerri Perreault's Leadership Studies class
Absent: Bozylinsky, Bruess, Chao, Dedrick, Hanson, Raiklin, Smaldino, Sohl
Minutes #882 were approved as published.
Somervill talked about the provost search that is currently underway. On-campus interviews will take place starting sometime in March. Somervill announced that the UNI graduate application form and the program of study form may eventually be available on-line. Jackson announced that each college should elect a representative to the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Elections should be held following the Graduate Faculty action on the By-laws.
Bankston contacted the Chair of University Senate to find out more information concerning possible graduate faculty representation on the University Senate. He was told that any such request must be approved by a two-thirds Senate vote. Bankston then suggested having a non-voting representative, but Somervill said that a liaison was a better term. Bankston moved, Durham seconded that the Chair of the Graduate Faculty attend the Senate meetings, approved. Doody said that she would attend the rest of the academic year.
Bankston started the discussion concerning related issues of quality for graduate education on the ICN. He obtained information from Sharon Smaldino concerning the three layers of graduate courses offered through Continuing Education. Layer one is the whole program of study. Layer two is where students can take classes through Continuing Education that are not part of a program of study, but have undergone the "rigor" of the curriculum process. These classes are being offered at a distance to accommodate those students who might not otherwise be able to attend the class. The third layer are classes offered through Continuing Education that have not undergone the "rigor" or scrutiny from any body on campus with regard to the quality or possible duplication of the course. These courses are not part of any program on campus or part of Continuing Education program. Utz brought up the point that a major concern with ICN is that there is no access to the library or other University resources for educational purposes. Concern was raised about making sure ICN courses were taught by regular graduate faculty or those approved for temporary graduate faculty status. Somervill stated that the Graduate College will change the form so that the signature of the department head and the graduate coordinator will be obtained on all requests for graduate courses offered through Continuing Education.
Utz discussed the issue of exchange agreements with other universities, He said there are complaints in some departments concerning credit requirements that transfer as equivalent to UNI requirements. Somervill reviewed the history of UNI's agreement with ACTR. All exchange agreements must be coordinated with the Office of International Programs. The ultimate responsibility for monitoring exchange courses and admission of students lies with each department, not the Graduate College.
The meeting adjourned at 4:15p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dunlap