Graduate Council Minutes #879

October 22, 1998


Present: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Bruess, Chao, Coulter, Dedrick, Doody, Durham, Jackson, Sohl, Utz, Walker
Absent: Hanson, Raiklin, Smaldino, Somervill, Wallingford
Visitors: Aaron Podolefsky (Interim Provost)
Council delayed action on minutes #878 until the following meeting.
Dedrick presented the Graduate College Curriculum Committee report concerning the graduate incomplete policy. The issue of time how much time should be allowed for graduate students to complete coursework graded incomplete (I) was discussed. Council members discussed the option of giving students 6 months initially with a possible extension for an additional 6 months. There was some sentiment that the additional 6 months might be too much time. Jackson stated that most students would probably be able to complete their incomplete coursework within 6 months. She indicated that additional time could be given to students, but only under "special circumstances" and at the discretion of the instructor, and with Graduate College approval. This is currently the policy. Students must, however, provide documentation that a "special circumstance" does indeed exist. Dedrick indicated that the Graduate College Curriculum Committee would take the discussion under advisement and make a recommendation at the next Council meeting.
Dedrick stated that there are currently no guidelines for when and how Graduate College Curriculum Committee members are to be elected. Bruess said that the recommendation was made last spring to ask the Committee on Committees to implement the election process. This recommendation was not acted on because it was made late in the Spring (1998) semester. Graduate Council will review the committee's recommendations made last spring at the next meeting.
Bankston began discussion on the creation of an Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. Durham expressed concern that many graduate assistants don't actually teach in classrooms, so that may present a bias. Bankston clarified that there are only four departments that have teaching assistants. Chao stated that this award might be detrimental to the University's goal of having professors in the classrooms. Bankston suggested forming an award for all graduate assistants. Bruess moved to establish a committee that will develop guidelines and criteria for the award. Utz seconded the motion and it passed.
Bankston stated that he needs to fill the remaining positions for Dean Somervill's five-year review committee. Graduate Faculty members from the College of Business, College of Education, and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences will be nominated by Council members by Wednesday, October 28. The committee will meet prior to the Graduate Council meeting on November 12.
At the next meeting, Doody, who is serving on the Search Committee for the Provost, will ask for identification of graduate issues that should be brought to the candidates. In addition, the Graduate Teaching Award committee will be sending a copy of their report with the November 12th agenda.
The meeting adjourned at 3:57 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Christina Stejskal