Graduate Council Minutes #873

February 26, 1998


Present: Bankston, Bruess, Dedrick, Hanson, Hays, Jackson, Kashef (for Kirmani), Safford, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Bozylinsky, Chao, Kalkwarf, Osman, Raiklin, Smaldino, Thomas
Visitors: Dick Colburn (Art); Tom O'Keefe, Suzanne McDevitt, Mary Boes, Katherine van Wormer, Jim McCullagh (Social Work); Aaron Podolefsky (Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences); Nancy Marlin (Provost)
Hanson moved that minutes #872 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Bruess and passed.
Somervill reported that the allocation of tuition scholarships will need to be reviewed as a result of the auditors questioning the discrepancy between the number of out-of-state students and the amount of non-resident tuition generated. Currently, students who receive an assistantship or scholarship are billed for in-state tuition. According to University policy, students who receive a graduate assistant stipend are to be given resident tuition. This does not include students who only received tuition scholarships. In effect, there will need to be a decision made concerning students who only received tuition scholarships. Approximately 35 students were offered scholarships without stipends for the current year. It is not known how many out of this 35 were non-resident students. Discussion included ideas to have the scholarship amount be equivalent to in-state tuition and the students would pay the remainder of the fee for out-of-state tuition. It was also suggested that departments may link the stipend and scholarship. Hanson expressed concern for this option as it would limit programs' flexibility which may be detrimental to the program itself. Somervill stated that there is limited time to make this decision and that he will accept input on the issue and meet with the University attorney.
Curriculum Committee representatives reported on the proposed Masters in Social Work program. Dedrick made a motion to recommend that the Graduate Council approve the MSW packet, submitted to and approved by the Graduate College Curriculum Committee pending the submission of several changes. Changes and additions included Form J, other departments' position statements, Form H which gives University of Iowa and Iowa State the opportunity to respond, and Form F which is the description of the program. These forms will be included when it goes to the University Curriculum Committee for the next curricular process. McDevitt reported that letters from University of Iowa and Iowa State have already been received, but it was a matter of processing these statements on the appropriate form. Bankston asked for the vote and the motion passed.
Somervill led discussion on the subject of XXX:299 research credit requirements, considering the maximum number of hours allowed and the limit of enrolling for only three hours per semester. Bankston stated that for the Communication Studies department these limitations restrict students from completing the program. Other concerns included the importance of having research recognized, yet a high number of research hours may create a grade inflation problem. Somervill suggested that the Graduate Council decide whether to increase the number of research hours allowed in the program of study and whether to permit students to take more than three hours in one semester. Hays stated that a decision could be made on the distribution of the research hours, changing the restriction of three hours limit per semester to being able to take up to six hours of research credit with departmental approval. He also suggested the possibility of making upper limits flexible for programs with different needs. Somervill explained the limit of three hours a semester was an attempt to avoid unrealistic planning of thesis work when students took their research hours too early in their program. Kashef made a motion that if the student is in the last semester of their MA program, they be allowed to take up to six hours of research. Hays seconded the motion. After lengthy discussion, Hanson moved to table the motion until next meeting. Dedrick seconded the motion and it passed.
Colburn brought forth a request concerning the labeling of prerequisites for G level courses in the catalog for Art courses. Currently, the prerequisite states that upper division Art History courses require junior standing or (for art majors and minors) 600:040 and 600:041. The 1998-2000 catalog deletes the or in the prerequisite. Jackson suggested Colburn make the correction as the catalog has not been finalized.
Hays moved acceptance of the following proposed amendment to the Graduate Faculty Constitution: "The elected membership of the Graduate Council shall consist of two Regular Graduate Faculty members from each academic college, a representative from the Rod Library Faculty, and two graduate students with one representing the master's programs and one representing the doctoral programs. These members shall be elected by the eligible voting members of the Graduate Faculty from their respective units." Kashef seconded the motion and it passed. The amendment will be voted on at the Graduate Faculty meeting in the Spring of 1998.
The meeting adjourned at 4:47 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Christina Stejskal
Next meeting will be March 12, 1998 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerly 3.