Graduate Council Minutes #871

December 11, 1997


Present: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Dedrick, Ishler (for Smaldino), Jackson, Kirmani, Martin (for Safford), Osman, Raiklin, Schrage, Somervill, Thomas
Absent: Bruess, Chao, Hanson, Hays, Kalkwarf, Walker
Visitors: Doug Meinecke (2nd semester Master's representative)
Thomas moved that Minutes #870 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Schrage and passed.
Schrage discussed the formation of a Graduate Chat line accessible to graduate students. This e-mail server will help facilitate interaction between graduate students. Meinecke proposed a summer project which graduate students would create a hard document as well as a web page with an interactive video to provide university information to graduate students. Meinecke also proposed the idea that when new graduate students arrive on campus, they should be paired with a student mentor from another department. These ideas have been formulated to provide means for graduate students to network with other students and to create a graduate student community.
Somervill presented the draft document for the Outstanding Master's Project/Paper Award. Several concerns were addressed. Somervill suggested clarifying what will fall into this award category. The question was also raised about the number of places that should be awarded. Osman suggested distinguishing categories and awarding on the basis of the category. In addition, it was proposed that the award-winning projects and papers be placed on display for public viewing. Somervill said the display could be housed in the Graduate College. Schrage suggested, with the permission of the student, papers could also be posted on the web. Bozylinsky moved to return the issue, with Graduate Council recommendations, to the sub-committee for further development. Thomas seconded the motion and it passed.
Somervill discussed the possible need for Graduate Council representation during budget deliberation by the Faculty Senate. Currently, there is no Graduate Council representative on Faculty Senate. There is an ad-hoc committee of Faculty Senate, composed of representatives from each college, which is reviewing budgets. Ishler moved that the Graduate Council seek representation on the ad-hoc budget committee of Faculty Senate. Thomas seconded the motion and it passed. The budget committee has already met for this year so Graduate Council will seek representation for next year.
Somervill suggested that Graduate Council consider seeking a constitutional amendment to allow a faculty representative from the Library to serve as a voting member on Graduate Council. Currently, the Library director is an ex-officio member. This suggestion was made because Library faculty are eligible for graduate faculty status and therefore should have a form of representation. This amendment would have to be addressed at the Graduate Faculty meeting held in the spring. Martin (for Safford) said the Library is interested in having voting representation on Graduate Council. Somervill stated that the director of Library would remain an ex-officio member with the addition of a voting member. Thomas moved that Graduate Council initiate the drafting of a constitutional amendment to allow Library representation on Graduate Council. Dedrick seconded the motion and it passed. Thomas moved that the Graduate Council Chair appoint a two-member sub-committee to draft the amendment. Schrage seconded the motion and it passed.
The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Christina Stejskal
Next meeting will be January 22, 1998 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerly 3.