Graduate Council Minutes #862

February 27, 1997


Present: Bankston, Crew, Finder, Jackson, Kashef (for Kirmani), Raiklin, Somervill, Stefanich
Absent: Chao, Decker, Dedrick, East, Hageman, Krapfl, Osman, Safford, Walker
Guests: Mohammed Fahmy (Industrial Technology)
Finder moved that Minutes #861 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Stefanich and passed.
Somervill indicated that he had spoken to the Provost about her attendance at an upcoming Graduate Council meeting. She has responded favorably and will make arrangements to attend the March 13th meeting of the Graduate Council. Somervill also mentioned the Graduate Faculty meeting scheduled for March 31st. He encouraged the faculty's attendance.
Jackson indicated that the ten member committee on Graduate Student Admissions Procedures has met three times. The committee (constituted last semester) has been reviewing current graduate admission procedures to see what changes need to be made to make the process more efficient and more responsive to students. She indicated that Somervill is planning to convene a meeting of graduate coordinators and departmental secretaries within the next few weeks to get their reactions to current procedures.
Somervill indicated that he will be asking departments to photocopy applications for admissions upon their receipt. One copy (the original) should be forwarded to the Registrar immediately. He will also be asking departments to make provisions for responding to late applications.
The Council discussed the question of whether emeritus faculty should be allowed to serve as 'regular' members of thesis/dissertation committees? If so, the Council may need to amend the by-laws of the Graduate Faculty Constitution. Somervill indicated that if faculty have emeritus status, and they want to be involved in theses and dissertations, they would represent a good resource. After much discussion among the Council, it was decided that the Graduate Faculty Constitution does not specifically address the issue of whether graduate faculty status ends with retirement. The Graduate Council adopted the following interpretation:
Faculty members who have graduate faculty status, upon acquiring emeritus status, may continue to
serve as graduate faculty, including serving on, or chairing, thesis or dissertation committees.
Item #4, the "100g" question, was discussed briefly. Council members agreed to postpone this discussion to a future meeting when more Council members would be present.
Crew added an item to the agenda, the David Duncan letter. See copy attached. Crew urged members of the Council to approach individuals who might be willing to serve on this committee. Somervill added that very little gets mentioned about graduate issues at these meetings, so it would be nice to have a Graduate Council member serve on that committee. Crew stated that Council members would act on this in the next meeting.
Fahmy discussed his concern about the need for graduate faculty to be actively involved in the discussion of new budget models during this shift to university decentralization. He urged the Council to be formulating suggestions as to how more resources may be directed into graduate programs on campus. He indicated that this is an opportune time and should not be overlooked. This was a general discussion of the decentralized budgeting. Bankston expressed concern about the ability of 200 level courses to be offered during the Summer term.
Crew moved that item #5 on the agenda, Graduate College Curriculum Committee, be moved to the top of the meeting after spring break, so as not to be forgotten.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was passed at 4:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Nicky Meints
Next meeting will be March 13, 1997 at 3:30 pm in Seerley 3