Graduate Council Minutes #857

November 24, 1996


Present: Bankston, Chao, Dedrick, Durham (for Crew), East, Finder, V. Jackson, Kirmani, Krapfl, Osman, Rogers (for Decker), Safford, Somervill, Stefanich, Walker
Absent: Hageman, Raiklin
Dedrick moved that Minutes #856 be approved as published. Motion was seconded and passed.
Somervill introduced new graduate student representatives: Lisa Krapfl--Master's programs and Brian Finder--Doctoral programs. Judy Davison will be Finder's alternate. Somervill said that several people from UNI were going to New Orleans next week on a recruiting trip. He noted that Roger Kueter has established a recruitment program with Florida A&M which currently has 6 students on campus.
Somervill said that the Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting to start on the narrative. Durham moved to tentatively approve the goals and strategies part of the plan. Motion was seconded and passed. Somervill said that they hope to have the document completed by the end of the semester.
Stefanich suggested that for the annual meeting of the Graduate Faculty, perhaps Dr. Marlin, Somervill and Jackson could discuss the de-centralized budget and its influence on the graduate program or set up a forum with the three of them. Somervill said that he thought an outside speaker would be of more interest to the Graduate Faculty. Somervill suggested that Dr. Marlin might be invited to address a Council meeting rather than a Graduate Faculty meeting. Bankston suggested the topic of distance education in relation to graduate education. Stefanich suggested asking President Koob to share his views on distance education, the graduate program at UNI, and any other topics of importance to the faculty at the Graduate Faculty meeting. Stefanich also added that the meeting could be informal. Kirmani suggested that the Graduate Faculty meeting not be held this year if there were no agenda items. Somervill asked what topics should the Graduate faculty be aware of? Osman replied that if topics of interest were generated then more people would attend the meeting. Somervill said that he would be willing to work with Stefanich to come up with a list of topics to discuss at the Graduate Faculty meeting. A few of the topics mentioned to discuss were: affirmative action; the Disability Act and its relation to graduate education; copyright issues on the World Wide Web; and national interest in graduate education. It was also suggested that a list of topics be disseminated to the Graduate Faculty for input. Anyone who is interested in hearing a particular speaker or topic should contact Greg Stefanich.
Following is a listing of committee assignments:
Committee on Low Enrollment Programs: Dedrick, Hageman, Raiklin, Kirmani, Osman. Crew will call the meeting.
Committee on Decentralized Admissions: Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Huddleston, Cheryl Roberts, Ed Brown, Judith Harrington, Jack Wielenga, Virginia Hash, Fred Rees, Al Hays. Jackson will call the meeting.
Outstanding Thesis/ Dissertation Awards Committee: already established.
Committee on Variable Stipends: Ken Baughman, Curtiss Hanson, Decker, Krapfl. Somervill will call the meeting.
Distinguished Scholar Award Committee: Chao and Durham volunteered to serve as the Council representatives.
East asked if alternates can serve on committees as a representative of the Graduate Council. Dedrick moved that the Council ask Durham to serve as the Council representative on the Distinguished Scholar Award Committee for this year only. Motion was seconded and passed.
Kirmani summarized the status of 100g courses and stated the need for one definition of how to and who can get into those courses. Jackson said that there was a need for consistency in the course catalog. Rogers said that the Registrar's Office should monitor and enforce the policy of not allowing freshmen to register for 100g courses. East recommended having the instructor approve every student who wants to register for a 100g course and is not at least a junior. Somervill suggested postponing the item until a representative from the Registrar's Office could be present.
Somervill announced that the graduate student representatives will place an ad in the Northern Iowan so that students will know who to contact about concerns.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:51 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Renee Graves
Next meeting will be November 14, 1996 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.