Graduate Council Minutes #852

April 11, 1996


Present: Chao, Crew, East, Fahmy, Ishler, K. Martin (for Safford), Meeker, Quirk, Raiklin, Shields, Stefanich
Absent: Decker, Dungan, Hageman, V. Jackson, Somervill, Walker, Yohe
Minutes #851 were approved as published.
Crew said that there would be no spring Graduate Faculty meeting since we had one in the fall and there appears to be no business which needs to be considered. Crew reported that the curriculum package had been approved by the Senate. Shields congratulated the Council on completing deliberations and getting a package approved. Fahmy thought that having curriculum committee terms be only 2 years contributed to the lack of continuity on the committee and recommended having the terms be increased to at least 3 years. Shields said that with 2 year terms, there should be at least two continuing people on the committee. Crew said that this could be a topic for discussion by next year's Council.
Shields reported that she will be working this summer on a handbook containing guidelines for members of the Graduate College Curriculum Committee and one containing hints and guidelines for the Chair of the committee.
Crew said that the Council needs to take action on the seldom/never offered courses policy so that it can be put into effect with the new catalog. Quirk asked how it matches the policy approved by the UCC. Martin replied that the proposed wording matches the undergrad policy and what the faculty will vote on. Quirk moved to approve the policy. Motion was seconded. Chao said that we should also include courses numbered above 200. Shields offered an amendment to drop "curriculum and" in the first sentence and change "curriculum" to "catalog" in the second sentence. Amendment was seconded and passed. Chao made a friendly amendment to change "numbered below XXX:200" to "offered for graduate credit". Motion passed as amended. Stefanich said that we should make the Faculty Senate recommendation applicable for both undergraduate and graduate courses and endorse the Senate statement. Crew said that we could endorse the intent and let Bubser and the Senate iron out the language to include both graduate and undergraduate courses. If there are substantive changes made, the proposal will be reviewed at the next meeting. Following is the statement as approved:
Courses offered for graduate credit and not offered within the previous four-year period will automatically be dropped from the Catalog. A course dropped from the Catalog may be reinstated within a subsequent four-year period. After eight years of not having offered this course, reinstatement will require resubmission as a new course.
Quirk asked about who notified the students who apply for a Graduate Assistant Stipend and/or a Graduate Tuition Scholarship but do not receive an award. He questioned why the offers could not be made at the department level instead of by the Graduate College. Hesse said that at the time she started with the Graduate College she was told that since the letter of offer was the contract between the student and the University, it needed to come from the Graduate College. East said that made it so the departments delivered the bad news but the Graduate College got to deliver the good news. He said that the departments did not know when offers went out and when acceptances/declines were received. Hesse reminded him that a copy of the letters of offer were sent to departments when offers are made and notification of acceptances and declines sent when they are received. It was asked if the Graduate College could also send out the letters to students not receiving awards. Hesse said that probably could not be done in a timely manner due to the volume of letters involved and since the Graduate College would be busy sending out the letters of offer for stipends and scholarships and the letters for summer tuition support. Stefanich said that he thought department heads should notify students not receiving awards. East said that the Graduate Assistantship document contains no guidelines for what happens after April 15. Stefanich suggested adding a statement to the document that timely notification should be given by department heads to all students not recommended for awards. Crew suggested discussing this issue further at the next meeting when Somervill will be present.
Items to be publicized include the approval of the seldom offered courses policy.
Stefanich moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be April 25, 1996 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.