Graduate Council Minutes #842

September 14, 1995


Present: Chao, Crew, Decker, East, Fahmy, Hageman, Ishler, V. Jackson, Meeker, Quirk, Safford, Shields, Somervill, Stefanich, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Das, Dungan
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost)
Fahmy welcomed everyone and had everyone introduce themselves.
Minutes #841 were approved as published
Dean Somervill reported that 10 new assistantships had been allocated for this year. He said that next year he would try to get an increase in the amount of the assistantship stipend. He also reported an increase of $10,000 each in the Graduate Student Travel and the Faculty Research accounts. He thanked Vice-President Marlin for these allocations. Somervill said that the total graduate enrollment has increased by 50, but that full-time enrollment is down. There has been a decline of 5 FTE students. He also said that full-time enrollment is down at all three state universities. Ishler asked if the part-time increase was due to off-campus enrollment on the ICN? Somervill said that those students were included in the counts, but they were last year also. Somervill reminded faculty that October 13 is the deadline for recommending theses and dissertations for consideration for the Outstanding Masters Thesis and Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards. Somervill distributed a proposed patent policy to be considered at the next meeting. He said that there will be a policy on misconduct in science proposed later in the semester.
Walker encouraged faculty to have their graduate students apply for travel support if the student is going to be presenting at a professional meeting. He reminded everyone of the following deadlines: October 16, Distinguished Scholar Award nominations--the committee will report at the November 9 meeting; October 13, Outstanding Masters Thesis and Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation awards--the committee will report at the November 9 meeting. He said that specialist theses will be considered for the UNI award, but they cannot be forwarded for the MAGS competition as that is for masters papers only. East suggested sending a letter to the advisors of graduating thesis students inviting them to recommend papers for consideration. However, it was noted that this would not include all papers because some students do not graduate the semester in which they complete their paper.
Jackson reminded everyone of the graduate coordinators meeting on September 15 from 9:00-11:00 in the Ambassador Room of Maucker Union.
East nominated Crew for Chair of the Graduate Council. Nomination was seconded. Quirk moved that nominations cease and that a unanimous ballot be cast for Crew. Motion was seconded and passed.
Crew nominated East for Vice-Chair. Nomination was seconded and passed.
Somervill distributed a sheet with the revised title for the conflict of interest policy. He said that the deadline for submission of the policy to NIH and NSF is October 1 and that the policy has been reviewed by many people on campus. He said that much of the language of the policy is from federal regulations to avoid having the policy turned down, which would mean that UNI would not be eligible for grants. Stefanich moved approval of the policy. Motion was seconded. Meeker suggested deleting the second "Timing of the Disclosure" on page 4. East asked if there was no appeal beyond the Provost and Somervill said that was correct. Crew asked the reasoning behind $10,000 value for disclosure and Somervill said that figure was taken from federal regulations. He said that the policy applies only to people applying for external funding. East noted that it was up to the investigator to determine if there was going to be any conflict of interest. Somervill said the policy was to help protect the faculty. He said that the disclosure must be updated annually or as needed by a change in circumstances. Somervill said that he assumed that the motion to approve also applied to the forms which were attached to the policy. Motion passed.
Walker said that the Board of Regents wants the PDL report submitted to them at their December meeting, instead of at their February meeting as in the past. However, according to the Master Agreement, the deadline for applications is November 15. As a result, the Committee will have only four or five days to make their recommendations, which have to be submitted to the Provost by noon November 22. Therefore he is encouraging faculty who are going to apply to do so early. He will distribute applications to the committee as they are submitted to help with the time crunch. Quirk said that this had been brought to the attention of the United Faculty Executive Board. They are willing to discuss this with the administration to come up with a memo of agreement for next year. He said they support efforts to encourage early submission of applications by faculty. It was suggested that Crew, Quirk and Stefanich write a letter to faculty for this purpose. Fahmy moved to authorize those three to write a joint letter. Motion was seconded and passed. Walker said that the Committee would be appreciative.
Items to be publicized include the approved Policy on Management of Conflicts of Interest in Projects with External Funding and the election of officers. Quirk reminded East that publication of the items was the responsibility of the Vice-Chair.
Stefanich moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be September 28, 1995 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.