Graduate Council Minutes #839

February 23, 1995


Present: Chao, Crew, Decker, Durham, East, Fahmy, Hill (for Clohesy), Ishler, Lew, R. Martin (for Quirk), Rose (for  Safford), Somervill
Absent: Das, V. Jackson, Walker, Yohe
Visitors: Jim Bodensteiner (Continuing Education); Barbara Safford (Curriculum & Instruction)
Minutes #838 were approved as published.
Somervill distributed the names of students who had been appointed to the Graduate Dean's Student Advisory Committee, the names of faculty who had been appointed to the Graduate Outcomes Assessment Committee, and copies of the Graduate Faculty Constitution. He reported that he had received enrollment data from all but one department. After that is received, he will report to the Council, giving a picture of where growth might take place.
Decker submitted the report from the ICN Subcommittee and summarized 10 recommendations. The report will be distributed to Council members by the Graduate College and will be discussed at the March 9 meeting.
Crew proposed two word changes in the Graduate Faculty Status Committee report distributed at the last meeting and moved to recommend the report as an amendment to the Graduate Faculty Constitution. Motion was seconded. Somervill requested that the vote be delayed because most of the College of Education Graduate Faculty had not had a chance to review the document. Ishler said that the intensive area faculty who had reviewed the report were not supportive because it tended to use the traditional definition of scholarship. Somervill said that the document should cover future doctoral programs which might be proposed as well as the current programs. One intent is to provide a university-wide pool of faculty to draw from for the outside member on doctoral committees. Therefore, everyone who meets the criteria can obtain the status, whether they are involved in the EdD or DIT programs or not. This proposed status will qualify faculty to direct the dissertation. Chao asked if the criteria would be applied to all doctoral committee members. Somervill said that only the chair would have to have the status because the chair has a much greater responsibility than the other committee members. East suggested having the Graduate College keep the list of those who qualify rather than department heads. Somervill said that the decision whether or not a faculty member meets the criteria should reside with the senior faculty of each department, who will make recommendations to the Graduate Dean, as is now done for Regular Graduate Faculty status. Chao asked about the five year appointment period. Somervill said that, according to the proposal, it would apply to the new status dissertation directors and not to Regular Graduate Faculty status. East suggested having faculty notify Somervill if they are interested in serving on doctoral committees. After discussion, the motion was withdrawn so that the suggestions made could be incorporated and so the revised document could be circulated to the College of Education doctoral faculty and the DIT faculty. Somervill said that those currently on Associate Graduate Faculty status would retain that status. Crew asked for suggestions for naming the new status. It was decided to use Category A and Category B.
Durham reported that graduate education is not part of the strategic planning process at the University level. The entire set of University goals is geared to the undergraduate level. However, one of those undergraduate goals was to increase the contact between undergraduate and graduate students on research projects. Somervill said that the Graduate College has a strategic plan, but it is not incorporated into the University plan. It was felt that the Graduate College Strategic Plan should be included in the Academic Strategic Plan, which goes to the University Strategic Planning Committee. It was suggested that this be discussed at the next meeting and request that Vice President Marlin attend so she can be aware of the Graduate Council's concerns.
Fahmy reported that Paul Chao has agreed to serve as Chair of the Graduate College Curriculum Committee.
Fahmy reported that, although Grace Ann Hovet had said that she had consulted with faculty leaders when forming the Presidential Search Committee, neither he as Chair of the Graduate Council nor Norris Durham as Chair of the Graduate Faculty had been contacted. East said that he is on the Presidential Search Committee as the CNS representative and would be willing to forward any Graduate Council suggestions to that committee. Feel free to contact him with ideas. It was requested that the Council officers be scheduled to meet with all final candidates.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be March 9, 1995 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.