Graduate Council Minutes #833

October 13, 1994


Present: Chao, Crew, Das, Durham, East, Hill (for Clohesy), Ishler, Lew, K. Martin, Quirk, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Decker, Fahmy, V. Jackson, Yohe
Visitors: Leah Hiland (Curriculum & Instruction); Christine MacFarlane (Special Education); Fred Rees (Music); Glenn Hansen (Continuing Education & Special Programs)
Minutes #832 were approved as published.
Somervill said that he will be surveying departments for the maximum enrollment in each program to determine room for growth in the Graduate College. He reported that the North Central Accrediting Association will be requesting outcome assessment procedures for all graduate programs.
Walker said that the recommendation for Distinguished Scholar Award would be discussed at the November 10 meeting. He reminded everyone that October 14 is the deadline for nominations for the Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Dissertation Awards. Walker reported that about 45% of the funds provided by Vice President Marlin for support for graduate students presenting at conferences have been allocated. Nineteen students have been supported with only minor glitches. Some students have applied who were not eligible because they were not graduate students and some were not eligible because they were attending conferences but not presenting. He reminded faculty that the signature of the advisor and department head confirms that the student meets all criteria and is eligible for the funds.
Quirk said that the purpose of the interactive video discussion for this meeting was to find out what has been happening and what experiences have occurred. MacFarlane said that she has been teaching on the ICN offering classes which will lead to certification and feels that it has been very successful. Somervill said that there are three definitions of residency at the graduate level in the catalog. MacFarlane said that she feels the students need to have some personal contact both with the instructor and with their peers and therefore there should be some on-campus component to programs offered through ICN. Hiland said that Library Science started a program on ICN last fall in which the students are required to come to campus during the summer for classes. Courses have been scheduled so that those which require many resources are taken during the summer. They have found that there is much more interaction between the students this fall after having been together in classes this summer than there was last fall and so feel that it is important to have an on-campus residency requirement. Somervill reported that Iowa City is treating ICN courses as resident courses and that Iowa State does not have a residency requirement. Rees said that there are some courses that do not lend themselves to being taught off-campus. He said that the music program has an on-campus component during the summer as there are two courses which are only offered on-campus. Hansen said that all programs offered have thought about residency and that he would like to see it determined on a program by program basis rather than have it regulated for all programs as he believes there are some programs which could be offered entirely on ICN. He said that one current problem is that classrooms can only be scheduled a semester at a time, so there is no guarantee that a program will be able to offer a class in a specific location every semester. He is trying to work with community colleges to have priority scheduling for their classrooms to help with long range planning. Chao asked if students complete faculty evaluation forms. Hansen said that they do, but they are different from the forms used on campus. East said that he would like to see general guidelines set which would not be technology dependent, as opposed to something which would be specific to ICN. Crew noted that it appears that current programs feel that some on-campus component is beneficial and said that maybe a policy could emerge out of the experiences of these early successful programs. Ishler said that if there is not currently an on-campus requirement for graduate programs, why should there be for programs on ICN? Quirk thanked the visitors for sharing their experiences.
Quirk said that Durham would welcome program suggestions for the 1994-95 Graduate Faculty meeting. Somervill suggested having the Graduate Dean from Drake speak since the Graduate Deans from both Iowa and Iowa State have spoken. East suggested a discussion of general guidelines for program review. Ishler suggested discussing quality issues. Durham noted that the major problem is the lack of attendance. Quirk said that the program should be something which would attract the Graduate Faculty. Current issues in graduate research would be a possibility.
Crew reported that the committee looking at the two-tier Graduate Faculty status would try to report at one of the next two meetings.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse

Next meeting will be October 27 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.