Graduate Council Minutes #832

September 22, 1994


Present: Chao, Clohesy, Crew, Decker, Durham, Fahmy, Ishler, Lew, K. Martin, Quirk, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Das, East, V. Jackson, Yohe
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); Susann Doody (College of Education)
Minutes #831 were approved as published.
Dean Somervill distributed third week graduate enrollment data, which showed an increase in both full- and part-time graduate students. He said that some programs have established a ceiling on the number of students that will be accepted. He said that he will be surveying departments to see which programs have already set an enrollment limit and which anticipate setting one, for purposes of recruiting and projecting future growth in graduate programs.
Walker distributed copies of the announcement for the Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Dissertation Awards. Quirk asked about the policy for someone serving on the selection committee when a paper from the department is being considered. Somervill said that this was permissible as long as the faculty had not been the thesis/dissertation chair or had not served on the committee. Walker reminded Council members that October 7 is the deadline for submission of nominees for the Distinguished Scholar Award. The committee recommendation will be discussed at the November 10 meeting. Crew and Ishler agreed to serve as the Council representatives on the committee. Fahmy will appoint a member of the Graduate Faculty and one of the previous Distinguished Scholars to also serve.
Fahmy briefly described the background of the two-tier Graduate Faculty issue. Somervill noted that if this is approved, the doctoral status would be available to anyone on the Graduate Faculty who meets the criteria established and is recommended by their department. It would not be limited to members of the College of Education and Department of Industrial Technology. He said that there is a possibility for growth in the number of doctoral programs so it is important that consistent and university-wide criteria for faculty serving as advisor/chair be established. Ishler said that the process is similar for the two doctoral programs, but that there are differences. Somervill said that outside reviewers have commented on the inadequacy of Graduate Faculty status review in their reports and having a consistent university-wide process would be beneficial. Crew said that since the requirements for the two current programs are similar, a policy should be adopted which is a combination of the two; that reasonable minimal criteria should be set which would be the guideline for all programs on campus. Doody said that the demands of being a dissertation chair should be recognized. Ishler said that she has had some faculty ask not to be appointed as chair because of the expectations and the amount of time required. Doody said that she would expect that a number of strong faculty may not apply for the doctoral status if the policy for reduced load is not addressed. Fahmy said that maybe the chair could have a reduced load in the semester in which the student would defend the dissertation. Somervill noted that faculty load is determined by department heads and college deans and can not be set by the Council. The amount of resources available is a constant problem. Somervill noted that what we currently have is a two-tier system, but it is departmental, not university wide. Decker asked if there would be continual evaluation and if information is available on what is being done at the benchmark institutions. Somervill said that some have an indefinite appointment and some have a five year review period. Crew moved to endorse in principle the idea of a two-tier Graduate Faculty status system and have a committee determine the criteria. Motion was seconded and passed with five members voting yes, two voting no, and one abstaining. A representative from each program will serve with Crew as the committee to determine the criteria.
Decker said that the Committee on Interactive Video has met to identify quality issues for programs utilizing interactive video. The report should be ready in about a month.
Ishler said that serious consideration should be given to a study of the means for load compensation for dissertation chairs. Somervill said that we could recommend guidelines, but the Council cannot set policy for loads. Ishler will contact the two programs to get representatives to help look at the issue.
Quirk recommended looking into programs setting enrollment ceilings. Somervill said that he would distribute a questionnaire.
Fahmy said that Council Vice Chair has been designated as the person in charge of publicizing items. Items to be publicized include the Outstanding Thesis/Outstanding Dissertation Awards, graduate enrollment data, and the Distinguished Scholar Award.
Following is a listing of designated (voting) alternates: Graduate Council Member
Paul Chao
Chandra Das
Philip East
Mohammed Fahmy
Robert Decker
Peg Ishler
William Lew
William Clohesy
Keith Crew
Charles Quirk
Norris Durham
Pola Gupta
JoAnn Schnabel
Bob Martin
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be October 13 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.