Graduate Council Minutes #830

April 14, 1994


Present: Chao, Crew, Durham, Huddleston, V. Jackson, Jakubowski (for MacArthur), Kirmani, Safford, Simet, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Decker, Gaies, Lew, R. Martin, Yohe
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); Mohammed Fahmy, Abolghassem Tolu Honary (Industrial Technology)
Minutes #829 were approved as published.
Somervill apologized for the confusing series of announcements issued for the Graduate Faculty meeting and noted that it was in no way the fault of Durham. There was confusion regarding the Graduate Faculty status issue. Since the Committee recommendations had not been presented, discussed and voted upon by the Council, they could not be brought before the Graduate Faculty. The Committee will report early next fall.
Walker announced that the invitations for the annual Grants Reception on May 5 in the Reading Room will be going out next week. The Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards will be presented and a plaque will be presented to each of the Distinguished Scholars. Barbara Lounsberry, recipient of the Distinguished Scholar's Award for next year, will discuss the research she will be conducting. Walker said that the Distinguished Scholar guidelines have been revised and distributed to deans and department heads. The announcement will be mailed next week.
Somervill distributed a summary of the results of the survey regarding comprehensive exams. Currently comps are required by the Graduate College and are to come at the end of the program, cover all areas, be taken by all students, and the results reported to the Graduate College. Chao said that Mills had discussed this issue with him and noted that comps are not really relevant in the MBA program. It was noted that if the Graduate College requirement for comps is eliminated, then each program would have to indicate in the catalog whether the comprehensive exam is required. Simet noted that approximately 1/3 of the programs already have so indicated. Somervill stressed that it was important that students be aware of all program requirements. Crew moved to have the comprehensive examination requirement be at each program's discretion, with the understanding that whatever each program decides will have to be specifically listed in the catalog. Motion was seconded and passed. It was also noted that if the exam is required, it would have to be indicated whether it would be an oral or written exam, or both. Jackson questioned whether those programs requiring comps should still report the results to the Graduate College. After discussion, it was decided that the results would not have to be reported to either the Graduate College or the Registrar's Office. Somervill said that comprehensive exams will be discussed at the Graduate Coordinator's meeting in the fall.
Tolu Honary announced an appreciation day on April 25 from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. in ITC 3 for faculty who have participated in Industrial Technology's master's and doctoral programs. He also said that Industrial Technology will be using an open prospectus format, which will be announced to the campus.
Items to be publicized include the revised comprehensive examination policy.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be April 28 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.