Graduate Council Minutes #820

September 9, 1993


Present: Chao, Crew, Decker, Durham, East (for Kirmani), Gaies, Huddleston, V. Jackson, Lew, MacArthur, R. Martin, Safford, Simet, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Yohe
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); Mohammed Fahmy, Agolghassem Tolu Honary, E. A. Dennis (Industrial Technology); Mary Selke (Student Field Experience); Ed Brown (Environmental Programs)
Fahmy called the meeting to order.
Minutes #819 were approved as corrected after noting that Robert Martin was present and had asked the questions on page 2 and that the word "removed" should be included in the sentence at the top of page 3 so that it would read "Brown indicated that it had been removed in the final version of the proposal."
Durham nominated Simet for Chair of the Graduate Council. Nomination was seconded. Durham moved that nominations cease. Motion was seconded and passed. Durham moved that Simet be elected by acclamation. Motion was seconded and passed. After thanking everyone for their help over the past years and for the experience of serving on the Council, Fahmy turned the meeting over to Simet. Simet thanked Fahmy for his years of service and leadership on the Council.
Durham nominated Huddleston for Vice-Chair. Nomination was seconded. Durham moved that nominations cease. Motion was seconded and passed. Durham moved that Huddleston be elected by acclamation. Motion was seconded and passed.
Simet said that agenda meetings will continue to be held the Monday prior to Council meetings so if anyone has agenda items, contact Huddleston, Durham, or him.
Somervill reported that five new assistantships had been allocated as well as funding for the Environmental Science program. He said that the graduate admission process was being revised in an effort to centralize things in departments. All information and forms will come from the departments and everything but the transcript, application fee, and test scores will be returned to the departments. This will be implemented beginning with the spring semester. Jackson noted that non-degree students will be processed by Pam Mackay in the Registrar's Office. It is not anticipated that this will be a major change for most departments but should help streamline the process.
Walker announced that the Provost has increased support for the Faculty Research account this year by $30,000. He is currently looking for someone to help faculty with the technical aspects of grant writing as some funds have been provided by the Provost for this purpose. Anyone wanting assistance, should contact Walker. He gave a summary of faculty activity funded during the past year, noting that the numbers of faculty being supported have increased over 1991-92: 284 travel grants (11% increase), 108 project awards (11% increase), 22 publication awards (37% increase), and 32 summer fellowships (3% increase). Walker reminded the Council that UNI's Outstanding Thesis Award nomination is due by November 1. Since he is the chair for the MAGS competition this year, Jackson will be the UNI person to contact for the internal competition. Walker said that announcements for recommendations for the Distinguished Scholar Award were distributed in April and in August. He is also intending to send a reminder to department heads towards the end of September. Nominations are due October 8. A subcommittee will need to be appointed and will report at the November 11 meeting. Walker and Ruth Ratliff are holding workshops in each college to inform faculty about applying for grants. Also, brochures will be distributed. Walker said that he is planning on putting up-to-date grant information on INFOSYS. He will still do a printed version, but the computer information will be more current.
Somervill noted that the grant writing funds were provided in an effort to help new faculty or faculty who have not previously applied for a grant. He said that the Graduate College will try to provide a hard match for Graduate Assistants if he knows of the request in advance, at the beginning of the grant process. This is intended for grants requiring hard match support from the university.
Safford noted that library personnel would like to be included in the grant workshops.
Somervill said that he continues to be worried about the meaning of Graduate Faculty status at UNI. Consultants question why our system is the way it is. He is requesting that it be looked at again with consideration given to the length of the status, lifetime or periodic review, and would recommend that it not be permanent. Also, for persons chairing dissertations, a higher level of Graduate Faculty status would be recommended.
Council introductions were made. Council members were reminded to write to Mary Ann Hesse before the next Council meeting providing the names of their alternates.
Simet asked for volunteers to serve on the University Curriculum Committee, the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence Committee, and to chair the Graduate College Curriculum Committee. Receiving no volunteers, Simet was authorized to recruit people willing to serve. Representatives from Humanities and Fine Arts and Natural Sciences need to be appointed to the Graduate College Curriculum Committee.
Hesse asked if there were objections to having Graduate Council minutes available on NOTES. It was suggested that E-mail might be more convenient for faculty. When the first two sets of minutes are distributed, faculty will be able to indicate if they wish to receive future minutes via E-mail or in print.
Future items for discussion include changes brought about by advances in telecommunications and the role of the Graduate College in the approval of courses offered through interactive video as well as other uses of this technology.
Items to publicize include the deadlines noted by Walker.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be September 23 at 3:30 p.m. in 3 SEERLEY.