Graduate Council Minutes #811

October 22, 1992


Present: Chao, Durham, Fahmy, Gaies, Huddleston, Johnson (for S. Smaldino), MacArthur, Maier, R. Martin, Safford, Simet, Walker, Yohe
Absent: V. Jackson, Lew, Somervill
Visitors: Ahmed ElSawy (Industrial Technology)
Minutes #810 were approved after noting that Dennis Clayson has been replaced by Paul Chao.
Walker announced that Jackson and Somervill were unable to attend today's meeting. He said that the Distinguished Scholar Committee is currently reviewing information on the five nominees: David Buch, Albert Gilgen, Barbara Lounsberry, Greg Stefanich, and Mahmood Yousefi. A report will be presented at the November 12 meeting. Walker reminded everyone of Summer Fellowship (November 2) and PDL (November 16) deadlines. He said that nominations for the Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Awards are due tomorrow and that the deadline for the thesis to be submitted to MAGS has been moved up, so the Committee will need to make a decision on the thesis winner next week.
Fahmy distributed a listing of Council committees. Simet moved to accept the list, adding James Robinson to the MPhil Committee. Motion was seconded and passed.
Walker distributed a summary of Somervill's ideas on the two items in the Faculty Productivity Plan which deal with graduate programs. Item 7 was discussed first. Safford asked how long the proposed evaluation forms would need to be kept. Maier asked whether the graduate assistant's performance was being evaluated or whether they were evaluating their assistantship. Some felt that four evaluations per year were too many. Gaies moved to defer action on this to a future meeting. Motion was seconded and passed. This would give Council members time to consider and discuss implications and implementation within their departments. Durham noted that a common form may not be possible since assistants in various departments perform different types of duties. Item 5 was then discussed. Huddleston said that PDL's and Summer Fellowships are so competitive that accountability is important. Gaies moved to ratify item 5 adding the phrase "a copy of which will be forwarded by the Graduate College to the department head" to the last sentence of the second paragraph. Motion was seconded. After discussion, it was decided that the person writing the report should submit the copy to the department head, so there was a friendly amendment to that effect. Safford suggested changing "during" to "resulting from" in the last paragraph. Motion was passed as follows:
The following procedures will be used to ensure the enhancement of faculty productivity at UNI.
The Graduate College annually reviews the scholarly and creative work of faculty who have received a Summer Fellowship or a Professional Development Leave. Early during the Fall semester immediately following the Leave/Fellowship period, each awardee must submit a written report on activities undertaken. This report, a copy of which should also be submitted to the department head, consists of (1) a paragraph abstract that summarizes the project and its results; and (2) a two page narrative description of the project, major objectives accomplished, activities pursued, and the results.
Significant productivity resulting from the Fellowship/Leave period is an important part of the review process when faculty seek a future award.
Fahmy distributed an updated Graduate Council membership list.
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:33 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse