Graduate Council Minutes #810

October 8, 1992


Present: Durham, Fahmy, V. Jackson, Maier, R. Martin, C. Roberts (for Gaies), Simet, S. Smaldino, Somervill, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Clayson, Huddleston, Lew, MacArthur, Safford
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); Susann Doody (College of Education); John Fecik (Industrial Technology)
Jackson said that she had received a note from Phil Patton regarding the first sentence on the second page of the minutes from the last meeting. He said that 536 is the mean score for all students taking the TOEFL exam in the five countries where we get most of our foreign students and that the mean TOEFL score for all students, both undergraduates and graduates, who entered UNI for the 1992 Fall Semester was 575. Minutes #809 were approved as amended.
Somervill distributed copies of a survey which has been sent to graduate coordinators asking for graduate admission requirements for each program. Jackson said that a memo will be sent to graduate coordinators regarding guidelines for the TOEFL policy and procedures for implementation. Walker said that good progress is being made on the research and creative activities survey. Currently, a version of the summary paragraph is being distributed for approval.
Somervill distributed the position statement which has been approved by the Affirmative Action Council for Academic Affairs on the use of personal interviews as a requirement for admission to a graduate program for the Council to review and voice any concerns. It will go to the Vice President and Provost for her final approval.
Walker announced that the deadline for submission of nominations for the Distinguished Scholar award is tomorrow and that materials will be distributed early next week to committee members.
Fahmy distributed a list of Graduate Council Committees for this year. Questions were raised as to whether the Doctoral Subcommittee and the Graduate Faculty Status Committee were needed. Martin said that the Doctoral Subcommittee had been serving in a liaison capacity only and that the reports from the two doctoral programs could be sent directly to the Council. After some discussion, Maier moved to disband the Committee with thanks to those who had served. Motion was seconded and passed. Somervill said that since we do not have a two-level status for doctoral advisors, the Graduate Faculty Status Committee probably was also not needed. Simet moved to disband the Graduate Faculty Status Committee. Motion was seconded and passed.
Doody said that she would provide a listing of EdD dissertation and proposal defenses to the Council for the first meeting of each month.
Fahmy said that Industrial Technology was going to be reviewed this year and was planning to have separate review teams for the graduate and undergraduate programs. Somervill said that the Graduate College has ordered a copy of a Council on Graduate Schools publication on review of graduate programs which has a very inclusive process. Somervill was asked if the categories assigned during the program evaluation process (enhancement, probationary, elimination) were ever used. He said that they were, but that there is only a small amount of resources available for enhancement and 11 programs were put in that category. Some probationary departments are making an effort to upgrade their programs. He was asked to distribute to Council members the list of programs which will be reviewed this year. Following is a listing of designated alternates:
Graduate Council Member Alternate
Dennis Clayson
John MacArthur Steven Jakubowski
Mohammed Fahmy
Ira Simet Virginia Berg
Sharon Smaldino Dale Johnson
Sharon Huddleston
William Lew
Stephen Gaies
Norris Durham
Robert Martin Carol Weisenberger
Durham moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be October 22 at 3:30 p.m. in the Colombia Room of Maucker Union.