Graduate Council Minutes #796

September 12, 1991


Present: Berg, Durham, Fahmy, V. Jackson, Lew, Maier, Martin, Mills, Safford, S. Smaldino, Somervill, Swensen, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Jones
Visitors: John Fecik (Industrial Technology); Jerry Stockdale (Sociology & Anthropology); Julia Wallace (Psychology); Ira Simet (Chemistry); Cynthia Bickley-Green (Art)
Simet welcomed everyone and introductions were made.
Minutes #795 were approved as published.
Durham nominated Fahmy for Chair of the Graduate Council. Nomination was seconded and he was elected by acclamation. Durham nominated Swensen for Vice-Chair. Nomination was seconded and she was elected by acclamation.
Fahmy thanked Simet for his leadership during the past year and expressed the appreciation of the Council for his time and efforts.
Dean Somervill said that graduate applications for Spring will not be capped and that departments may resume admissions. He will be asking all departments to determine a numerical minimum and maximum for their programs in relation to their resources before January. This will be a yearly request so departments can focus on what they can handle for the coming year. Somervill said that the Distinguished Scholar Award budget has been reduced, but the award will continue. There will still be some adjunct replacement costs available. Somervill said that it is time for the Regent's evaluation of the MPhil degree and distributed information which he had received from Marlene Strathe concerning this. There has been one student graduate from this program, one student in her second year, and two students starting their first year. Somervill said that he will ask the Graduate Coordinators to appoint a liaison person for the Graduate Council when they meet next week. Somervill said that all seven of the Soviet students returned and that there are three additional Soviet students starting this semester.
Jackson reported that this was the second year for the graduate student orientation and that it had been moved from Monday to Friday in response to comments received last year. Each attendant received a resource packet and there were presentations by University staff and students. She said that there was not the student response that she would have liked and that several students had said that they had class conflicts. Jackson said that the Graduate College is reviewing and revising most of their brochures. She said that the new probation/suspension policy will be enforced beginning this fall.
Walker said that he is trying to be proactive to the types of support available and has sent out announcements to faculty. He said that the Summer Fellowship stipend is tied to the collective bargaining agreement and will be $4400 for the 8 week Fellowship next summer. He noted that the announced reduction in PDL replacement will be in the replacement costs, not in the number of PDL's awarded. He also noted that two announcements concerning Distinguished Scholar Award nominations had now been distributed. Somervill distributed a copy of the minority recruitment report which has been submitted to the Board of Regents. There have been 33 students from the New Orleans area admitted to UNI. Eleven of these have graduated, ten with Masters degrees and one with a DIT. Six of these Masters graduates have been accepted into doctoral programs elsewhere and four are currently employed in areas related to their degree concentration. Ten students are currently enrolled in good standing (GPA above and 3.0). There are five students starting this fall. Seven students have dropped out for various reasons.
Somervill is keeping a listing of the faculty appointed as the additional member on each doctoral dissertation and encourages faculty to recommend to him persons with strong scholarly qualifications for future appointments.
Fahmy will contact members from the Task Force for Teaching Assistant Evaluation Guidelines to see if they would be willing to continue to serve as a monitoring committee. A chair needs to be appointed from the Council.
Walker announced that he is organizing a grant writing workshop for faculty sometime in November which will focus on information and opportunities in various areas. A second workshop in the spring will focus on how to write proposals. These workshops are being supported by Vice President Marlin.
Durham distributed the MPhil Committee report to be discussed at the next meeting. He also distributed a breakdown of the human subject review project/investigator distribution.
Safford asked whether Barbara Saigo will be replaced to aid faculty in writing grant proposals. Somervill indicated that no one had been found, but he was open to recommendations. She had been paid from the grant incentive accounts of the colleges and the Graduate College. Somervill said that the incentive accounts are to be used for grant related activities and to stimulate research and that almost all of these funds which the Graduate College receives go to the support and maintenance of the Grant and Contracts Office.
Fahmy said that there would need to be names of nominees for the Graduate College Curriculum Committee brought to the next meeting.
Council members were reminded to submit the names of their alternates.
Jackson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse