Graduate Council Minutes #1085

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2019

Present:  Bullard, Cyphert, Davis-Gage, Igou, Krueger, O’Loughlin, Olivares, Pohl, Rod-Welch, Schwab, Schwieger, Waldron, Wood, Zubrod.

            Chair Rod-Welch called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

  1. Welcome

          2. Approval of Minutes  - minutes were approved

   3. Graduate College Reports/Announcements

   Dr. Jennifer Waldron, Dean, Graduate College

  Applications down across all colleges. Business- down 5%; all others – 12-16%

  Recruitment stipends – several have applied. Applications due 3/1.

  GARP updates – sent out by IT. Several glitches fixed.

  Reminder – 4/18 Graduate College Reception and Meeting (reception at 3:00, meeting at 3:30)

            Dr. Gabriela Olivares, Associate Dean, Graduate College

            CRM data update – Gabi is in working group; exploring how to use this data for recruiting.

            Susie Schwieger

            Update on Graduate Symposium – April 3
            So far: 8 posters (can have 30); 12 Original Performance (can have 25); 2 Creative Performance (need 4 to have category)
            April 1-4 – Graduate Student Appreciation Week (national event) UNI activities will include pizza on 4/1, 4/2-3 Symposium activities,
            and a panel discussion on 4/4

  New Business:

a. Discussion of Exception to Graduate Faculty Status to Chair Thesis/Dissertation Committee form

* Case by case basis rather than on basis of a time limit

* Constitution states that those with associate grad faculty status cannot chair a thesis/dissertation – need to re-evaluate. Exceptions? Like for married Catholic priests – grandfather in? (Thanks, Jim…)

* consider a new category, task-specific, for this purpose – Affiliate Graduate Faculty?

b. Katherine Wolhpart: Update on support for academic writing

Walk in hours at Rod Library. Working on web guide for formatting.Students especially need work on references and citations – departments need clear guidelines for committee and chair responsibilities.

           c. Update: GA/Scholarship allocations went out last Thurs. PowerPoint with info

for graduate coordinators also sent out. Dean Waldron noted that there were cuts

“across the board” for funding, partially due to declining enrollment. It was noted

by council member Bullard that this decrease in funding would be detrimental to

recruiting and could further negatively impact enrollment.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Bullard
Graduate Council Secretary