Graduate Council Minutes #1084


Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2019

Present:   Bullard, Igou, Krueger, O’Loughlin, Olivares, Pohl, Rod-Welch, Schwab, Schwieger, Waldron, Zubrod.

Chair Rod-Welch called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

  1. Wellcome
  2. Graduate College Reports/Announcements

a. Dr. Jennifer Waldron, Graduate College Dean

Graduate Coordinator meetings coming up in February.
Please note, there are $500 recruitment stipends available from the Grad College
(by application). There are also recruiting materials including a portable display
table that may be used by programs.
Enrollment is down at this time for the Graduate College.

b. Dr. Gabriela Olivares, Associate Dean
Subcommittee on recency – revisions nearly complete.

c. Susie Schwieger, Director of Graduate Student Life

Symposium April 3 – applications open for all categories.
There are a number of workshops happening this week – powerpoint/handouts
will be posted on the website.
Newsletter will be out in mid-February.
Kat Wohlpart has walk in hours at the learning center for writing support for students working on thesis/dissertation/etc. (can also videoconference via Zoom)

3. New Business

a. Grievance Policy – revision presented for Graduate Council approval; the policy has been updated and brought in line with existing student employment policy (language, content, process). Motion to approve by Rod-Welch, seconded by Schwab, approved by unanimous vote. Will be forwarded to University Council.

b. GPA Committee proposed change: use cumulative, rather than plan GPA, for calculating satisfactory academic progress for GA/scholarship, etc. Motion to accept proposed changes by Bullard, seconded by Davis-Gage, approved by unanimous vote.
c. GA Evaluation Form has been revised. This was needed as a result of audit; evaluations must be conducted every semester. New form will be reviewed by GA and supervisor each semester. Suggested that the new form be an online form that moves through workflow. Important to be sure that all necessary parties have access and that there is a means for GA feedback/response. Make sure that faculty understand that the students will be seeing the evaluation form.
Motion to approve by Rod-Welch, seconded by Igou, approved by unanimous vote.

d. Recency policy has been updated to reflect current policies in line with family medical leave, military service, etc. and to simply process. The new policy will entail a one-time 24 month extension; requests must be accompanied by plan for degree completion. Voting will take place online.

e. Reminder: Next meeting will be Feb. 28, 2019.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Bullard
Graduate Council Secretary