Graduate Council Minutes #1083


Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

November 29, 2018

           Present:  Al-Mabuk, Bullard, Cyphert, Igou, Iqtadar, Krueger, O’Loughlin, Olivares, Rod-Welch, Schwab, Schwieger, Waldron, Wood, Zubrod.

  Chair Rod-Welch called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

  1.  Welcome
  2.  Graduate College Reports/Announcements

             Dr. Jennifer Waldron, Graduate College Dean:

Listening sessions – see handout for results /conclusions
GARP training is continuing and many issues from initial sessions are improving.

   Susie Schwieger, Director of Graduate Student Life

                   Symposium April 3 – save the date! Registration opens Jan. 14. Judges needed!

       3.  New Business

Educational Leadership Renewable Term discussion with Dr. Gilson and Dr. Curran. Extensive conversation regarding the granting of an exception for full graduate faculty status for Kim Huckstadt upon his position transitioning to renewable term, and potentially for other renewable term faculty with similar qualifications. Discussion centered around issues including: research focus vs. practitioner​ focus; role of chair vs. co-chair vs. member of committee; focus of the EdD​ degree (directed toward those working in field of educational leadership, and coursework primarily focused on field classes; applied research); concerns re-encouraging the hiring of tenure track faculty as opposed to renewable term, continuity of chair over time, qualifications of renewable term faculty to lead research. Dr. Waldron was willing to approve a one-time regular graduate faculty status for Dr. Huckstadt for spring 2019 semester only, to co-chair (not chair) the 3 current committees he is currently on. Motion to grant this request was made by O’Loughlin, seconded by Cyphert. Vote was unanimous, in favor of approving this request.

       4.  Subcommittee Reports

i. Graduate Assistantship Grievance – new draft document completed.

Format change – to match student employee grievance format.

ii. Mission/Vision – retain current mission/vision statements, based on
review of those in place at peer institutions.

iii. Recency – new policy draft keeps current duration but adds new

guidelines on extensions

iv. Handbook – in progress.

Reminder: Next meeting will be January 24, 2018.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia Bullard
Graduate Council Secretary