Graduate Council Minutes #1081

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2018

Present: Rod-Welch, Waldron, Olivares, Pohl, Igou, O’Loughlin, Wood, Schwab, Davis-Gage, Cyphert, Krueger, Zubrod, Iqtadar

Absent: Al-Mabuk, Bullard.

Dr. Leila Rod-Welch called the meeting to order at 3.30 pm and proceeded with the approval of the minutes for the meeting on September 13, 2018.

  1. Graduate College Reports:
  1. Dean Waldron reported on the new hire for Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer and Digital Publications Coordinator. The new employee would start on Monday, October 8.
  2. Dean Waldron reported on the demo session for the Admission Review Portal. Many graduate coordinators and secretaries attended the session and provided feedback.
  3. Enrollment numbers: 672 students admitted; 489 new students; 1651 total number of students enrolled this fall semester.
  4. Discussion on average class sizes: Departments had started discussing the average enrollment in classes. At the graduate level, there was a need to discuss what would be the right size.
  5. International enrollments: Main enrollment trends came from cohorts in China and Saudi Arabia.
  6. Dr. Olivares reported on Graduate College Curriculum Committee proposals for programs:
  • Major in Math for Elementary and Middle Grades K-8 (substantive – two tracks into one, removing 10 courses)
  • SOCWORK-CERTGR  School Social Work Certificate (proposal will be withdrawn, changed to endorsement)
  • SOCWORK-MSW Major in Social Work (edited)
  • Packet for Health, Recreation and Community Services was postponed until UCC completed the evaluation.​

7. Susie Schwieger reported on several events: Social Mixer, TAGS, Annual Symposium (April 3, 2019) and on the submission of the newsletter.

2. Questions from committee:

  1. One committee member asked if it would be helpful to send materials for program promotion to Susie Schwieger, Director of Graduate Student Life. She replied that she would take these materials to the next event to be attended.

3. New Business:

  1. Chair Rod-Welch announced there would be one meeting a month and subcommittee meetings in between each main meeting. Three subcommittees would be established to work on different aspects of graduate issues: Strategic Planning; Recency; and Graduate Assistantship Handbook. She handed out a sign-up sheet and stated that the committee members would be informed later.

Meeting was adjourned at 4.15 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Gabriela Olivares, Associate Dean of the Graduate College