Graduate Council Minutes #1080

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2018

Present: Al-Mabuk, Bullard, Cyphert, David-Gage, Igou, Krueger, Olivares, O’Loughlin, Pohl, Rod-Welch, Schwab, Waldron, Wood, Zubrod.

Absent: Iqtadar.

Chair Pohl called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

1.       Welcome:

Dr. Pohl welcomed all council members and Dr. Jennifer Waldron (Dean) and Dr. Gabriela Olivares (Associate Dean).

2.       Introductions:

All members introduced themselves. Two new graduate students joined this year: Alivia Zubrod (MA representative) and Shehreen Iqtadar (EDD representative).

3.       Graduate College Reports:

Dean Waldron explained the new processes of the Graduate College: i.e. CRM and Graduate Application Review Portal. Dean Waldron also expressed her view on the importance of the Graduate Council and graduate education at UNI. She described what was currently happening at the Grad Office: listening sessions, training sessions for graduate coordinators, a new hire for the position of Thesis/Dissertation Digital Publication Coordinator. Both Dean Waldron and Associate Dean Olivares would be assisting with the preview meetings for thesis/dissertation formatting while the vacancy was filled.

In addition, Dean Waldron mentioned that Dr. Curran had stepped down from the position of Graduate Faculty Chair and a new election would be taken place soon. The Committee on Committees was in charge of the vote.

Finally, Dr. Waldron mentioned that the Brown Bag sessions had already been scheduled for this fall semester. For Oct. 25 and Nov. 13, it was requested that two council members serve as session chairs.

4.      Election of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary:

By ballot, the council members elected a new leadership team. Dr. Leila Rod-Welch was elected Chair, Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk was elected Vice-Chair and Dr. Julia Bullard was elected Secretary.

5.       Susie Schwieger reported on the events that would take place at the Grad College: New Graduate Student Orientation (August 20); series of workshops; Annual Graduate Social Mixer (September 19); Thinking about Graduate School (September 24); and Annual Graduate Symposium (April 3, 2019).

​6.       UNIversitas:

Dean Waldron wanted to confirm the status of this journal and the decision taken by the council. The Council was interested in presenting the importance of the journal to Dean’s Council. The journal was seen as a Graduate College vehicle and not only as a CHAS journal. Due to the timeframe, it was recommended to start the journal in the Fall 2019 and to have an editor in place who could provide a platform and vision.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gabriela Olivares
Associate Dean of the Graduate College