Graduate Council Minutes #1079

Minutes for the Graduate Council/ Summer 2018
July 18, 2018
  1. During the month of May, 2018, the Graduate Faculty Chair asked the Graduate Faculty to vote to ratify a change to the constitution defining the Associate Graduate Faculty Status due to a new process to approve credentials for teaching including graduate courses.
  2. The Graduate Faculty ratified the vote via electronic means.
  3. On June 14, 2018, Dr. Chris Curran (Incoming Graduate Faculty Chair) communicated the outcome of the vote to the Dean of the Graduate College (Dr. Pease).
  4. Several transition events took place at the Graduate College during the month of July and Dr. Jennifer Waldron became the Dean of the Graduate College.
  5. On July 18, Dr. Jennifer Waldron sent an electronic message to all graduate faculty that explained the results of the vote.
  6. The proposed amendments passed with more than 2/3 of the Graduate Faculty voting supporting the changes. Specifically, 93% voted yes to support the proposed amendments, 4% voted no on the proposed amendments and 3 % abstained (= 202).
  7. The proposed amendments to the Associate Graduate Faculty Status included three basic changes:
  • It removed the credential verification process for teaching which is now done by the Provost’s Office at the time of hiring for all faculty and instructors.
  • It provided limited rights to the status of Associate Graduate Faculty, such as being able to serve as a regular member on a thesis committee. It also limits other rights, for example, Associate members cannot chair a thesis committee or be a voting member of the Graduate Council.
  • It made Associate status permanent (for UNI employees) rather than year-to-year renewable.


Respectfully submitted,

Gabriela Olivares​
Associate Dean of the Graduate College