Graduate Council Minutes #1078

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2018

Present: Berendzen, Bullard, Curran, Cyphert, Edmister, Igou, Olivares, Pohl, Rau, Rod-Welch, & Schwieger.

Absent: Al-Mabuk, O’Loughlin, Pease.

Chair Pohl called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 
Chair called a motion to approve the minutes of the March 8 meeting. The motion was voted on; motion carried and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Graduate College Reports:

Old Business:

Reports from Interim Assoc. Dean Olivares:

1.      Associate Dean Olivares brought to the committee the situation of the Associate Graduate Faculty Status. Due to new requirements for accreditation by the HLC, The Graduate College no longer needs to approve Associate Grad Status for instructors hired to teach graduate courses. The Provost Office would do the verification of credentials. The question was what to do with the Associate Grad Faculty status. The committee voted to maintain the Associate Graduate Status with certain rights and limitations.

2.      The subcommittee on Graduate Teaching Assistantship Report presented two modified versions of this report. The committee voted and approved the shorter and more updated version and requested to include that oral proficiency was required from teaching assistants.

3.      The subcommittee on the Graduate College Journal presented their work to the committee. A revised mission, focus and tentative title change was presented. In addition, a marketing plan to promote the journal was included. The committee approved these modifications. No date was set to start the search for a new editor. The committee needed to hear from the Dean’s Council if the search would take place.

Reports from Director of Graduate student Life Susie Schwieger:

1. The Eleventh Annual Graduate Student Symposium was Tuesday, April 3 from

11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in the Maucker Union. Participation included 26 poster presentations, 22 oral presentations, eight creative performances and 24 judges. This year we made the following changes that positively impacted the quality of the event:

·         All the check in for participants and the judges was centralized in the Maucker Union Ballroom lobby- improved organization.

·         Maucker Union meeting room served as a waiting room for the oral presenters which cut down on the noise level in the downstairs hallway as did the upstairs check in.

·         The Creative Performances were in Section A of the Ballroom instead of being in another building as has been in the past.  The performers had an audience.

·         Packets of abstracts and other judging materials were delivered to judges for their review several days before the event.

Feedback was solicited from the judges and participants and the information was taken into account in the planning of the 2019 Symposium scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 in the Maucker Union.

2. UNI Grad Student News, May issue was in process and would be available the week of April 30.

3. Graduate College Outstanding Alumni Recognition Project

This project was initiated in 2013 with names of outstanding alumni solicited from graduate coordinators and department heads. For the Spring of 2018  we invited 36 alumni from 8 programs including Biology, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Psychology, Science Education, Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies. The display would be completed later with alumni being rotated throughout the year.

Individual alumni were invited by email, requested to submit a photo and respond to the following questions: Why did you attend UNI for your graduate education? What were some of the highlights? How did your UNI graduate education impact your professional career?

4.  New Graduate Orientation for Students Enrolled in On Campus Programs: Monday, August 20 from    3:00-4:30 p.m. in the Maucker Union Ballroom. Students enrolled in Distance Education Programs would receive information from Continuing & Distance Education.

Chair Pohl encouraged members to join to the Graduate Faculty meeting and award ceremony on April 26, from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be the Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting on April 26, at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 

Rubina Chowdhury​