Graduate Council Minutes #1072


Graduate Council Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2017

Present: Berendzen, Curran, Cyphert, Edmister, Igou, Olivares, O’Loughlin, Pease, Pohl, Schupanitz, Schwieger, and Weeg

Absent: Al-Mabuk & Bullard.

Chair Pohl called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

Chair called a motion to approve the minutes of the October 26 meeting. Motion was carried and passed.

Interim Associate Dean reported that:

  1. PDA committee met and selected recipients. An official announcement will be made next semester once the BOR approves the awards.
  2. Summer Fellowship Committee would be meeting at the end of November.
  3. Outstanding student doctoral, thesis, paper award committee was formed.
    The committee would select the awardees in these categories. Results should be ready by end of semester.
  4. James Lubker Research Award. Deadline was extended until November 17. Nominations would go to Dean’s Offices.
  5. Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award. Nominations are due by Friday, December 8.
  6. Distinguished Scholar Award. Nominations would be due by December 8.

Dean of the Graduate College reported that:

  1. The current grad catalog did not specify the type of course an undergraduate could take at the graduate level. It was assumed that only 5000 level courses were available at this level.
  2. Graduate transfer course credit capped at 5000 level.
  3. Graduate transfer courses required a Graduate Transfer Form. This form was not needed in case of courses taken at Iowa State or University of Iowa.
    International students did not complete this form either.
  4. There was a tax bill proposed to tax graduate students for tuition scholarships. The Graduate College and the President’s Office compiled numbers to submit to legislators to inform them about the impact of this measure on students.

Director of Graduate Student Life reported that: Annual Symposium was being prepared.
It would take place on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Discussion followed on current regulations. The committee was in agreement with allowing undergraduate students take either 5000 or 6000 level courses provided that they met regulations and GPA requirement at the graduate level. In the case of graduate transfers, the consensus was to allow the transfer of 5000 level courses for MA and 6000 level courses for doctoral students. Finally, the committee was in consensus not to require the transfer credit form if the coursework comes from accredited institutions and transcripts were submitted to Admissions.

New Business:

The committee discussed the President’s visit last October 26, 2017.
Consensus: it was very informational and the President seemed to support graduate education.

Old Business:

The Process for Associate Graduate Faculty Status did not progress very much. It was still being considered by the Graduate College and the Provost Office on how to make it effective and meaningful.

Representing the Graduate College in the Faculty Senate: The committee did not have a quorum to vote on this issue. It was mentioned that each college did not seem very supportive of this initiative. It was mentioned that this representative could be a non-voting member. In this case, other colleges could be more receptive to this proposal.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be on December 14 at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Rubina Chowdhury