Graduate Council Minutes #1070

Graduate Council Meeting

October 12, 2017


Present: Berendzen, Bullard, Curran, Edmister, Igou, Olivares, Pohl, Schupanitz, Schwieger, Weeg.

Absent: Al-Mabuk, Cyphert, O’Loughlin, Pease.

Chair Pohl called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

There was a motion to approve the minutes of the September 28 meeting. The motion passed was voted on; motion carried and the September 28, 2017 minutes were approved unanimously.

Graduate College Reports:

Reports by Susie Schwieger:

  • The September issue of the UNI Graduate Student Newsletter is out. Submission deadline for the December issue is Nov 15. The newsletter is now published quarterly.
  • She reminded everyone of anew Facebook group for UNI graduate students, called the UNI Grad Chat. The page is available where UNI graduate students can post their thoughts and share information. The purpose of the Facebook page is to build an active graduate community. The group page may not be used for selling items or services, no negative publicity or political circulation are allowed through this online group.
  • A thank you note has been emailed to all potential students who applied for graduate admission at UNI.
  • The Graduate College Handbook is being developed. Once completed, a copy will be sent to the Graduate Council for reviews.
  • Schwieger will conduct the Resume Writing for Graduate Students Workshop on October 30 at 12:00 p.m. in the ScholarSpace, Rod Library.
  • The Graduate Student Symposium is on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Registration opens in January.  The Graduate College will do the required promotion and marketing in this regard.

Reports by Gayle Pohl:

  • Pohl reported that if the Graduate Council could not find a person to serve on the Academic Program Review Committee, Dean Pease would find another person from outside the Graduate Council who could serve.
  • The next Brown Bag Seminar is at noon on Monday, October 16 in Library 287. Dr. Jennifer Waldron and 3 others will make a presentation titled “On Your Feet: Exploring the SAI Catch Life Initiative: Improving Well-Being in School Administrators”. A list of the scheduled seminar talks have been previously sent out. One of the Spring semester talks will showcase the work of the recipient of the UNI Distinguished Faculty Award.

Reports by Gabriela Olivares:

  • Olivares reported that the curriculum reviews by the GCC were completed. All the college packets were approved without any major changes or edits.
  • Wendy Weiss would like to send a petition to discuss the issue of transfer of credit hours since it impacts the doctoral program. The Graduate Council will be properly notified prior to bringing the issue up for discussion
  • Olivares provided some information about the current graduate student enrollment to the Grad Council. Dean Pease is expected to handout an additional flyer of information to the Council members. All these information will be available to President Nook during his visit to the Graduate College on Oct. 26. 

New Business:

Discussion occurred on important issues to be brought up during President Nook’s visit to the Graduate College on Oct. 26. Members of the Graduate Council made important suggestions as to how they could best showcase the UNI’s graduate programs to the President. Suggestions include existing programs and the specific degrees they offer, all different specialties available at UNI, graduate certificates, distance education programs, student enrollment, and some highly successful programs.

Discussion occurred on specific questions for President Nook from the Council members. Everyone felt like this would be an opportunity for them to know some of the specifics on President Nook’s agenda for graduate programs at UNI. As for example:

  • What stipend amount is being considered?
  • Would he support requesting specific amounts for UNI graduate programs?
  • What does President Nook see as the future of the graduate education at UNI?
  • What does he see as the role of the President’s Office in recruiting graduate students?
  • Does graduate education at UNI meet the need for marketplace?
  • How does he distinguish between fundraising for undergraduate and graduate students and how can we assist him in that effort?
  • What information would he need from us to strengthen his mission for graduate education?

Pohl will get all the above suggestions into a list of questions/concerns and email to the Council members. All members of the Graduate Council are encouraged to attend this important meeting. The graduate student representative should also feel free to ask any questions.

Old Business:

  • Process for Associate Graduate Faculty Status: The agenda has been deferred to a future meeting for Dean Pease to address it.
  • Does Graduate Council want to petition Faculty Senate to have Graduate Council Representative?

Discussion occurred on the question of having a Graduate Council representative on the Faculty Senate. Pohl invited suggestions from the Council members. Several members reported that they brought up the issue to their respective College faculty. Most faculty did not favor the idea of sending a Council member to the Faculty Senate. A separate representation would be unnecessary. In addition, a College representative on the Faculty Senate should speak for both graduate and undergraduate programs and issues.

It was decided to tackle this issue in more details over a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be on Oct. 26, at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rubina Chowdhury