Graduate Council Minutes #1034

March 13, 3014

Present:  Caswell, Christ, Clayton, Coon, Dobbels (for Czarnecki), Fontana, Licari, Nesbit, Noh, Pohl, Schmitz

Absent:  Calderon, Milambiling, Muhayimana, Ogbondah, Stokes

Guest:  Schwieger

The meeting was called to order by Chair Clayton, who noted that President Ruud would not be attending the meeting; his visit was rescheduled to April 10.  Motion by Pohl to approve the minutes of the February 27, 2014 meeting; seconded by Christ.  Motion approved. 

Graduate College Reports – Licari reported that the allocations of graduate assistantships and tuition scholarships had gone out and he has allocated out almost all of these funds.  He said he made a few assumptions in terms of resources that he will actually have, sine the FY15 budget is not solidified as yet.  As mentioned in the graduate coordinator meetings, he stressed that these resources need to be used or returned promptly in time to be used in another program that year.  If the Graduate College has to return unused funds to the Provost it is difficult to request more for next year.  He added that this is good for the students and for the graduate programs. 

Related to the efficiency study initiated by the Board of Regents, Licari said that he did not have any details regarding the timing or the process.  He said there will be open forums and he would expect that there may also be meetings with faculty and student leadership, as well as staff. Licari said he is very proud of the processes and curricular improvements that have been made through the Graduate College, as well as the efficiency of the staff and he would welcome the opportunity to share this.  He will pass along any information as it becomes available.

Licari mentioned the e-mail communication from President Ruud announcing the search for an Associate VP for Enrollment Management; Licari is serving on the search committee.

Coon reminded the Council that Graduate Student Commencement will take place on Friday, May 9, at 7:00 p.m., in the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center.  The Registrar’s Office is working on the query related to course repeatability and should be finished shortly.  Coon and Schwieger will be participating in the Graduation Fair taking place on March 26. 

Coon thanked those who provided graduate admission materials to Lisa Feldhaus in the Office of Admissions.  Feldhaus, who specializes in graduate admissions processes, is developing a way for departments to see a list of their applicants, what the status of their application is, and possibly some of the applicants’ qualifications.  This process is proceeding independently of the imaging process.

Schwieger mentioned the Graduate Student Symposium that is coming up on April 1.  The response regarding the Symposium, both from students and judges, has been very positive.  Because the number of research posters has doubled from last year additional graduate faculty have agreed to serve on the judging team.  Schwieger encouraged Council members to attend and to invite colleagues and students.  As an additional marketing tool, the Symposium program will be posted on the Graduate College website the Tuesday prior to the event.  Interviews for the open Graduate College graduate assistant is under way.  The UNI Grad Student News newsletter continues to get great reviews.  The March issue will be sent out at the end of March, than a combined April/May issue.

Related to the Symposium, Clayton said that posting the program where students and faculty could see it would be helpful.  She added that the students work very hard on their presentations and are eager to share their work.  The time it takes to review the presentations is minimal and students appreciate the feedback.

Chair of Graduate Faculty Report – Pohl noted that Marybeth Stalp and Theresa Winge will present a brown bag on Wednesday, April 2 at Noon in the Oak Room, Maucker Union.  Gary and Deanne Gute will present on Monday, April 14.  The Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting will take place on Thursday, April 17 at 3:30 in Seerley Hall, Room 115.  Faculty and student awards will presented and there will be a graduate alumni panel.

Pohl mentioned that the proposal presented to the Council by the Curriculum Management Committee is going to the University Faculty Senate in two weeks.

Clayton informed the Council that another e-mail reminder would be going out regarding the five-year review for Provost Gibson.  The faculty survey closes tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Old Business

Discussion and Vote on Policy Relating to the Use of Graduate Degree Credit for Camp Adventure

Clayton summarized the questions the Council had related to Camp Adventure and forwarded that summary to Chris Edginton for input.  Clayton said she appreciated that he responded very quickly to the request. 

There was a question as to whether the grader for the courses is a member of Regular Graduate Faculty.  To Coon’s knowledge, the individual does not have Regular Graduate Faculty status, therefore they would need to have an Associate Graduate Faculty Status Form on file in the Graduate College in order to be involved in any graduate-level courses.  A question arose whether a member of the Regular Graduate Faculty must oversee an associate Graduate Faculty member.  Coon responded there is no policy on that.  In the case of Camp Adventure, however, since Edginton is a Regular Graduate Faculty member and is listed as one of the instructors of record, this would not be an issue.  

There was a comment that the number of graduate students who would be receiving the graduate degree credit is quite small.  In the context of the number students who request to have graduate credit apply to their graduate degree, Coon said that in her time as associate dean, she recalls two non-LYHS students making such a request.  It was agreed that it should be the decision of the program whether or not the Camp Adventure credits would be accepted.  A discussion followed about the specific courses that are part of the Camp Adventure curriculum, including the differences between the curriculum and requirements for undergraduate and graduate students.

Motion by Pohl that up to 2 credits of LYHS 6295 taken through Camp Adventure may apply to each graduate degree, with approval of the student’s graduate program; seconded by Noh.  Six votes in favor; zero votes against, two abstentions.  Motion approved. 

Clayton informed the Council that she would not be available to attend the next meeting.  Vice-chair, Milambiling will serve in her place.

The meeting adjourned at 4:36 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. in Lang 115. 

Secretary's Note: The March 27, 2014 meeting was canceled; the next meeting date was set for Thursday, April 10.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nedrow