Graduate Council Minutes #1022

February 28, 2013

Present: Caswell, Clayton, Coon, Hays, Iqbal, Pohl, Roberts (for Milambiling), St. Clair, Schmitz, Terlip, Waldron, Zhbanova

Absent: Bartlett, Christ, Licari, Power

Guest: Joy Thorson

The meeting was called to order by Chair Clayton.  Motion by Pohl to approve the minutes of the February 14, 2013 meeting; seconded by Roberts.  Motion approved. 

Related to the Women's and Gender Studies proposed MA (non-thesis), an issue arose with the name of one of the tracks after the curriculum packet was approved on January 24.  As a result, there was a request to change the name from "Women's Health" to "Gender and Wellness."  All those involved agreed on the change and it had been approved by all of the groups beneath the Graduate Council in the curriculum process.  Related to the Literacy Certificate, as discussed at the last meeting, the comprehensive literacy group would like to award this certificate to students who are currently taking classes.  However, the two new classes had not yet been approved.  The proposal was revised so that the certificate now includes 3 hours of electives, which is basically a place holder for one of the new classes.

Clayton noted that an electronic vote took place unanimously approving the Gender and Wellness track.  There was also approval for the 3 hours of electives as a placeholder for LITED 7310/7320.  Clayton thanked Council members for voting and said she had passed the information along to Faculty Senate.

Graduate College Reports - Coon reported that she and Thorson attended a training session for graduate coordinators and graduate secretaries regarding the details for the Academic Advisement Report and the differences between the advisement report and Advisor Center.  She said that anyone who could not attend one of the sessions could contact Thorson for  information discussed at the sessions.  Coon mentioned that she sent an e-mail to graduate coordinators and secretaries regarding the timeline and policies for the Graduate College Summer Tuition Scholarships. 

On behalf of Schwieger, Clayton noted that the registration deadline for the Graduate Student Symposium has been extended to March 8, so there is still time to register.

Pohl reported that there was a fabulous turn out for Xavier Escandell’s Brown Bag lecture on February 20; Paul Shand is the next presenter on March 5.  Pohl encouraged everyone to attend.

Discussion and Vote on Curriculum Packets
i.  Department of Technology:  M.S. in Technology, including 2 new courses  (TECH 6300 and TECH 6296)
The Technology M.S. has been approved by the GCCC and all groups leading up to it.  She summarized that the main changes were adding a non-thesis option to hopefully increase graduation rates and potentially enrollment.  The emphasis areas are being eliminated.  Two new courses being proposed are TECH 6300 which would be required courses for the M.S. program and TECH 6296, which would be a required course for the D.T. and an elective for the M.S.  

Terlip asked how these changes would bring the number of students up to the 21 mentioned in the proposal, since this is a question that would be asked by Faculty Senate.  Clayton said she thought the non-thesis option might do this.  Terlip said she did not have objections, but numbers should be available when the proposal goes to the senate.   Coon said she would provide this information to the department head who would most likely attend the senate meeting.  Coon said there is a cohort going through that may move to the new curriculum when it is approved.

Hays made a motion to approve the Department of Technology curriculum proposal that has been approved by the GCCC, which is the two new courses and the M.S.; seconded by Waldron.  Motion passed unanimously.

ii.  Physics:  PHYSICS 4080/5080 (new course) and PHYSICS 4300/5300 (existing course proposed to be required in restructured Physics B.S.)
Clayton said that the Department of Physics is restructuring their degree offerings at the undergraduate level, including the Physics B.S. and the Physics Teaching B.A.  The request is for a new 2-credit hour course (PHYSICS 4080/5080) that would be required for the Physics Teaching B.A. and is based on professional development that has been done for Physics teachers, which would now also be offered to pre-service Physics teaching majors; there could potentially be graduate students in the Science Education program that would take this class.  Regarding the PHYSICS 4300/5300 course, the course has been offered before, the prerequisites and course description would be changed.  It was noted that the proposal has been approved by the GCCC and all groups under that level.

Pohl made a motion to approve the two Physics courses, including the new course; seconded by Hays.  Motion passed unanimously.

Pohl made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Terlip.  Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 3:49 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. in Lang 115.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Nedrow