Graduate Council Minutes #1006

October 27, 2011

Present:  Bauman, Botzum, Caswell, Clayton, Coon, Hays, Husband, Iqbal, Nelson, Pohl, Power, Schuchart

Absent:  Bartlett, Etscheidt, Licari, Waldron on PDA

The meeting was called to order by Chair Clayton, who noted that Licari would not be at the meeting, as he was attending the Board of Regent’s meeting; Bartlett and Etscheidt also would not be attending.

Motion by Pohl to approve the minutes of the October 13, 2011 meeting; seconded by Bauman.  Motion approved.

Coon said she appreciated those who let her know about issues with the SIS and noted that the student request system is live again.  ITS is working on issues such as speed, duplicate request numbers and approvers being able to see the list of requests that need approval.  From a student perspective, their issues should be resolved.  Coon will be e-mailing graduate coordinators to let them know how to find their students’ requests.

Related to applications to graduate, Coon said the Registrar’s Office is having graduation open house events to verify graduation eligibility for Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 graduation.  Coon has been informed that more applications have been received for the Spring semester than for Fall.  Pam MacKay is concerned that there are more people planning to graduate in the Fall than are applying.  MacKay is sending personal e-mails to any students she finds who may be graduating in the Fall and have not yet applied to graduate.  Coon added that Graduate Coordinators should inform their students that if they applied to graduate in the old system, they need to apply in the new system through the Student Center if they haven’t already done so; they will not be charged a second fee for the application.  Coon assured Council members that any student requests in the system that relate to Fall graduation will be priority and will be processed in time for students to graduate.

Nelson announced that the first Brown Bag presentation would take place on Wednesday, December 7, from Noon to 12:50 in the Presidential Room of Maucker Union.  Chris Larimer from the Department of Political Science will be the presenter.  Flyers are being made for distribution.

Clayton noted that the next two meetings would deal with the Graduate College Curriculum Committee issues.

Action Steps for the Graduate Education Strategic Plan

Clayton noted Licari has advised that the Graduate College could move forward with the some aspects of the strategic plan however, other pieces would need to be accomplished in the programs as well.  Clayton then opened the floor for discussion.

Hays commented that if programs are to take the Graduate Education Strategic Plan seriously, a link between programs and the strategic plan is needed.  He mentioned soliciting from graduate coordinators the activities they are currently doing that support specific goals of the plan.  It was clarified that the Council would not be looking for new goals or objectives, as those are already in place; these would be specific activities programs are doing that support the strategic plan. 

Bauman responded that this should be something programs would have already documented during the development of the University’s Strategic Plan.  Nelson added that there may have been information gathered by programs during preparation for accreditation that could be highlighted as a departmental link to the strategic plan.  Student Outcomes assessment was also mentioned as another source of information that might be useful as the Council moves forward.  The Council would want to make sure that past data were used as appropriate. 

Bauman stated that actually getting the Graduate Education Strategic Plan document out to the graduate coordinators would be beneficial.  Faculty may know that a there is a new plan in place, but may not have accessed it.

Hays gave examples of the types of activities the Master in Public Policy program is currently doing that link to the Graduate Education Strategic Plan, such as the interdisciplinary nature of the program and community service activities.

Hays said he would draft a request that could go out to the various program coordinators asking for input on initiatives that are currently taking place.  It was decided that the draft would be provided via e-mail so those who were unable to attend today’s meeting would have a voice.  Council members agreed this would be helpful.  It was mentioned that some departments may not have graduate programs, but might still have some steps they are taking that fit in with the Graduate Education Strategic Plan.  Bauman suggested reviewing the Graduate College’s task force report on graduate program quality that was part of a year-long process.  Clayton said she would send Council members the link to that report.

 In additional discussion it was suggested that the Graduate College and Graduate Council could start with action steps for Goal 2, Objective 2 of the strategic plan.  Some of the goals would be based on action steps that the departments would take.  It was mentioned that everyone needs to think through what they believe and what a graduate program at this institution should be. 

 Bauman suggested that the discussion regarding the action steps continue at the next meeting.  This would give Council members time to review reports and get information from the action steps that were part of the strategic plans discussion.     

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m. 

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. in Lang 115.

Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Nedrow