Application for Graduate College's Tuition Scholarship

Graduate College Tuition Scholarships (TS) are awarded to qualifying graduate students as a half or full scholarship at the in-state tuition rate. Students must be full time (e.g., taking 9 credit hours). A Graduate College Tuition Scholarship does not qualify a student for the resident tuition rate. Students are responsible for the amount of their tuition and fees that the scholarship does not cover (review more info and full eligibility requirements here).

Graduate College Tuition Scholarships are only available in a student’s graduate program. Students must re-apply for support each academic year. No service or work is done in exchange for any awarded scholarship.

Graduate College Tuition Scholarship applications should be submitted to the student's graduate program between January and early March for full consideration for the next academic year. Graduate College Tuition Scholarship applications are reviewed by the graduate program only. Once the graduate program makes their decision, and the scholarship is approved, an official offer is sent to the student from the Graduate College. Timing of decisions and offers vary by department, but departments usually will make decisions between March and April.

Other sources of support can be found and applied for at the Financial Aid & Scholarships office website.


Basic Information



The following answers will not affect admission or funding decisions. These items are not reported to the hiring unit; they will assist with efforts to ensure compliance reporting and are optional.

Program and GPA
To find your program, select your degree type first in the "Degree Type of Primary Program" field and then select your plan of study in the "Primary Program" field below. If enrolled in multiple programs, select your main program. Tuition Scholarships will be awarded considering the main program only.
Awards and Honors
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Submission of this form is a certification that the information reported is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Submission does not guarantee you will be awarded the support. Questions should be addressed to the unit you are applying to.
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